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Driving in the rain can be dangerous; poor visibility mixed with slippery roads can be a dangerous combination. The U.S Department of Transportation reports that 24% of all car accidents are weather related which may include rain, fog, snow or sleet. Here are a few tips to help you drive safely in the rain.

Slow Down
It is extremely important to take it easy and slow down when it’s rainy. Wet weather can lead to slippery roads which may increase your braking distance. Make sure to even leave more room between your vehicle and the one in front. Another dangerous issue that can result from wet weather is hydroplaning. This happens when worn out tires make contact with water leading to loss of control of the car. The best way to prevent aquaplaning incidents is to check your tires on a regular basis in order to make sure that there is sufficient tread left. You may also want have your tires changed on a regular basis.  It’s particularly important to slow down if your tires are a bit older and worn out. Radial tires generally provide better traction on wet roads than radial tires.

Leave Extra Early
Most drivers underestimate how rain can significantly impact driving times. Poor weather is general correlated with an increase in car accidents and even road closures due to flooding. Try to leave at least 10-15 minutes earlier than usual. It’s always better to give yourself that extra cushion of time instead of being stressed about making it on time.

Lights On
Heavy rain can lead to significantly reduced visibility. It’s important to turn your headlights on so that others vehicles and pedestrians can see you.  It’s actually legally required in many states to turn on your lights if it’s difficult for others to see you.

Take A Rain Check
Personally I prefer to stay home and avoid driving during rainy weather. It may unavoidable if you have to drive to work or school but if it’s something else that can wait I would suggest to just cozy up at home and wait it out.

Beware of Pedestrians
Be extra careful of pedestrians and cyclists when it’s wet outside. It can be difficult to see far ahead when it’s gloomy outside. Slowing down will give you ample time to brake.  If you decide to bike or walk In the rain make sure to wear bright clothing in order to increase your visibility.

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