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Acura has a solid reputation for building luxury and sporty cars with lots of high-tech gadgets while being relatively more affordable than BMW and Mercedes. For 2013 the Japanese auto maker presents the ILX; an upscale small sedan with sweet styling and a wide variety of amenities. It’s the ideal family car for those who need a “family” vehicle without having to resort to something bland, plain or without any style. The ILX proves that safety and practicality can still be delivered with a bit of an edge. It’s actually based on the Honda Civic platform but with more luxury. Pricing for the base model starts at $25,900.

Interior Features
The ILX is definitely packed when it comes to amenities. Standard features include Bluetooth compatibility for hands-free calling, a USB slot in order to listen to your favorite mp3 player, a voice texting messaging system, automatic climate control, a five inch display screen and a keyless access system. The text messaging system reads incoming messages through the speakers and has the ability to respond to texts with pre-set messages. Features that can be added for an additional cost include GPS-linked temperature control and a premium sound system.

Engine Specs
Consumers get to choose from various trim levels including a hybrid version with 39 mpg in the city and 38 mpg on the freeway. There are a total of three powertrains available. The base engine is a V4 2.0 Liter engine which is adequate for every day errands and commutes. However, if you like something a bit more powerful the 2.4 Liter trim level would be a more suitable option.

Safety Features
The Acura ILX is packed with safety features including a comprehensive air bag system, seat belts and a body structure design using the ACE structure which helps to absorb energy during a crash. The front air bags are equipped with two-stage inflators; the speed at which they inflate depends on the severity and impact. Sensors are in place that can determine if the passenger is too small in order for the air bag too safely deploy and will prevent the bag from deploying if needed.

The ILX is currently one of the most affordable autos in Acura’s lineup and thus perfect for those on a budget. It is more affordable than the TSX which is priced at around the $30k mark.  The ILX is targeted towards youngers buyers interested in the entry-level luxury market.

Written by Jacqueline Starz – Looking for affordable cars i n L.A? Galpin Honda offers low prices on autos in the Los Angeles area.