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Aaah! Is this my house?

Have you been scouring the real estate market with little to no luck? Well look no further, I’ve carefully compiled a list of invaluable tips, should you be buying your first home. Now this process is a time consuming, nerve racking and exciting all the same, however, after months of searching with no worthy available buys can be a bit deflating. Remember you’re about to embark on a life time investment and it requires all attention.


Take your time

Yes we know how anxious first time home buyers can be but patience in this process equates intelligence. The more time you spend looking for the perfect home that both fits your current requirements and future prospects, the better you will be able to access if it really is the right choice for you.

Invest in a buying agent

Consider hiring a buying agent, they are typically highly educated on finding special deals and have added tips and tricks to help you find a home that best suits you. This will eliminate some of the stress that goes into purchasing your first home.

Keep your money available

During the process of buying a home, you want to be prepared for anything that may arise. Meaning that should you secure your offer on a home, or house that may have been auctioned you want to be ready to purchase it. Don’t secure your funds in a fixed account or in investments that may take a while for you to get through red tape. This will increase your chances of getting a good deal on specials or once off offers.

Stay involved

This is one of the best things you can do as a potential home owner, far too many first time home buyers have fallen victim to hidden costs and other problems due to their lack of knowledge. Ask your agent what is going on, be involved in all the processes and stay informed so that you can never be led into the dark.

Don’t buy at the asking price

This can be a tricky one, most first time buyers are unaware that they are not required to purchase the home at the seller’s asking price. You as the buyer, can make an offer lower than the initial asking price, the seller may or may not be interested in the offer therefore it is important that you make your offer competitive enough – consult your agent about this.

The above mentioned tips are staples that any first time home buyer should be weary of. Remember to access your needs based on the possible requirements you may have for your home and the financing you have available and enjoy the process most importantly.

Jade Barron – Real estate enthusiast and bargain hunter with expertise in South Africa land such as property in houghton, among others.