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The Edge of the Web conference will be held in Perth, Australia on March 14th and 15th of 2013. Perth is largely considered to be an extremely innovative town despite its isolation, and Google has awarded the town the e-town badge, referring to a locale which saw the most massive growth in the use of Google AdWords technology over the course of a year.

The Edge of The Web conference is sponsored by the Australian Web Industry Association and revolves around cutting edge Internet technology and successful Internet business, promoting a variety of speakers and engaging in workshops as part of the conference.

Edge of The Web 2013

At this point, the Edge of the Web conference is still soliciting speakers who have experience with cutting edge web technology either in their business or with their personal website creation experience. They promise speakers an extremely hospitable environment in exchange for their willingness to create a workshop or speak on any of a variety of topics of their choosing. They are willing to negotiate with potential speakers or those willing to run workshops regarding their ideas and topic choices. There is a form on the official website which allows potential speakers and those who would consider conducting a workshop to submit information about their potential ideas.

The 2011 Edge of The Web conference played host to international speakers such as Derek Featherstone, an accessibility specialist based out of Canada, Simon Collison, a UK based web designer and cutting edge web artist and Michael Smith, a W3C HTML expert based out of Japan. Many speakers from top local Australian companies also participated in the conference as a variety of talented individuals came together to talk about web techniques and technologies that were on the cutting edge as of the 2011 Edge of the Web conference.

EOTW 2011 Speakers

A whopping one hundred percent of individuals who spoke at the conference felt that they would enjoy speaking at another Edge of The Web conference, and 90% of the people who spoke took great enjoyment of the enthusiasm of the 2011 gathering and felt that there was a productive atmosphere. Each speaker expressed their enjoyment regarding the accommodation, food, beverages and hospitality provided by the WA.

Anyone interested in attending, speaking at or simply obtaining more information about the Edge of The Web conference for 2013, the nature of the conference, sponsorship of the conference or any other inquiries can easily do so by submitting a form located at the bottom of the Edge of The Web website. The bottom of the site also provides the option to opt in to Edge of the Web email updates, follow the conference on Twitter via the Twitter account or #eotw hash tag or to like the conference on Facebook for consistent updates.

While the official schedule of the 2013 Edge of the Web conference has not been made available yet, some examples of events from the 2011 conference include a Perth Web Accessibility Meetup, which was geared towards professionals who are practicing in the field of web accessibility and attempting to feature inclusive design. The discussion forum offered a face to face dialogue with professional designers. A meet and greet with the speakers was a part of the conference and was held in a tavern for a comfortable and friendly atmosphere. A variety of workshops took place at the 2011 conference, including a workshop about the Maps API hosted by Chris Broadfoot and Luke Mahe, a Real World Accessibility workshop held by speaker Derek Featherstone and a workshop regarding changes made to the disability discrimination of the AHRC as held by Gian Wild.

A variety of conferences took place during the 2011 Edge of The Web conference as well, beginning with a keynote speech from speaker Simon Collison. Some of the many interesting lectures given at the conference included a discussion on visual perception and forms with Jessica Enders, a forum on web awareness by Lisa Herrod, a speech on the exploration of HTML 5, and CSS3 hosted by Michael Smith and an introduction to the App Engine by Google presented by Gianni Mariani. A closing keynote speech was delivered by speaker Derek Featherstone.

The Edge of The Web 2013 conference in Perth is sure to bring comparable speakers and cutting edge web topics to the forefront of media attention, helping to drive the advancement of high quality and modernized web technology ever to the forefront of the minds of skilled web designers. Conferences such as these help to promote new technology and a global understanding of the importance of the evolution of technology.


Thanks to NiceDesign to notifying us about this awesome conference.