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Being a single bloke isn’t all fun and games. Many of my mates that are in relationships say they envy me but I know that’s not true. While I am sat at home on my own, or down the pub watching the footy they are all snuggled up with their lady.  They may be tempted to have a little freedom sometimes but at the end of the day they know they are onto a good thing. I on the other hand have no one, there isn’t someone I can moan to or go to when I need some affection. It’s just me, my dog and the sofa most nights.

Three Dating Tips
The dating game isn’t easy. It is hard to find the right kind of people for you out there somewhere within the millions of people out there.  So recently I have been changing my tactics. I now know that I want to be in a relationship and I’m taking things a bit more seriously. Here’s what I’ve been up to.

  • Signed up to a dating website. Back in the old days online dating was seen as a bit of a joke but now everyone’s doing it. I found a great site, made a profile and resisted the temptation to Photoshop my photo! I have started talking to a couple of girls on there and I have found one that I really like. We are talking quite a lot now, most nights in fact and I am hoping one day to meet.
  • Tried a few blind dates. My work friends set me up on a couple of blind dates. They didn’t quite work out but they weren’t as bad as you might think. I had some fun, spent the night away from the sofa and managed to make a couple of good friends out of it.
  • Attended a couple of single nights. This was pretty brave of me as when you go to a singles night everyone there knows you want a partner. I thought I would be embarrassed but it was actually just like going to the pub on any other night. The only difference is everyone is in the same boat as you so it’s surprisingly easy to talk to women.

Nothing has happened as yet, but I have a good feeling in my bones. I hope the woman I am chatting to online comes to something, if it doesn’t I shall keep trying.

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