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In today’s business world, an investor is almost never left without a choice for he always has one. There are manifold options for an investor today on how he wants to enter a business, using what vehicle that would suit his goals and objectives. As it is, every option has their advantages and their disadvantages and in the end, it all comes down to the choice on part of the investor. In Poland, there is a potential for expansion but in this, one has to read market trends carefully. After all, the choice made shall have future ramifications for the success of the company.

The Dilemma of Establishing a Company


When an investor gets interested in entering the Polish market, he immediately finds himself suffering in a dilemma, should he start a company from scratch or purchase an already existing company. He could go for the safest option of establishing a company right from its very foundation, in the instance of which, he can name the company and modify it to suit his specific needs. However, in this instance, he cannot start trading immediately since it would take at least a week for the company to begin trading. The shelf companies need less elaborate formalities to acquire and since they are already registered, can be involved in the market right away. This is thus, a much faster inroad into the market. The whole thing then comes down to what the investor hopes to achieve in the country.

The choice is principally based on the extent of seriousness with which the investor wants to pursue business in Poland. Often, owning a company has no more purpose than being able to own property and bid. Many parties are also interested in taking advantage of Poland’s affiliation to the EU to enjoy its benefits. Some need a company that is already established and has some history.

Advantages of a Brand New Company

Company formation in Poland right from the scratch is however, a safe option to opine for. This is because the delay that is caused in beginning trading is not really much. It is hardly a week before a newly established company can get involved in the process of trading. Furthermore, the investor gets to choose the name of the company and customize it fully. There are other major advantages such as the fact that, at first, the very director of the company would be the one chosen by the investor and that the first shareholder of the company shall be the investor. For long term engagement in business in Poland, this is definitely the choice one would like to make.