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Rest is definitely not just for humans and so it goes accordingly that a good rest is key to any man, woman, child or dog. Dogs love to sleep. In fact, did you know that dogs sleep an average of 16 hours a day? That is a long time to spend hogging your bed, couch, chair or sprawled out on an uncomfortable floor! When it comes time to look through all of the beds for dogs that are currently on the market, you do need to keep a few things in mind that will help Fido have a great night’s sleep.

As a dog owner you want your pet to be comfortable but you cannot necessarily translate comfort for your tastes into something that is good for your dog. Soft beds are very comfortable and plush but they may not be exactly what your dog needs. They do tend to get hot in the warmer months, hold scent, be difficult to clean and get chewed up fairly often.

Outdoor beds are less prone to be chewed on and are definitely more durable. They are also cooler. If you have a dog that has thick fur this may definitely be an option you wish to go with because it will help keep your dog comfortable. Most are elevated and are easy to get into and out of with general ease. They are easy to clean as well so marking and scent should not be as much of a problem. They are not as padded as a soft bed though.

Cool dog beds are essentially water beds for dogs. They are beds lined with a plastic mattress that you then fill with cool water. These are fantastic for dogs that easily overheat such as Huskies, English Bulldogs or St. Bernards. They are comfortable and can even help ease the stress on joints as your dog gets older. The downside is that some dogs are hesitant, at first, to step on these beds and if your dog loves to chew – you might have a mess if he punctures the mattress. You will also need to clean the mattress regularly to prevent mold growing on the bottom of the mattress.

There are several different types of beds for dogs on the market these days so you will definitely want to shop around. Take your dog into the pet store so you will know the appropriate size to purchase. If you still feel a bit lost, you can always consult your vet, ask friends or even as a kennel what they use on a regular basis.

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