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Clay is a natural element that can be found in a variety of essential beauty items such as body powder, soap, and lotions. It’s rich, mineral content makes it a great solution for rejuvenating and energizing skin. Clay masks are well known for their natural, mineral-boosting elements. There are many desirable benefits that mineral clay masks offer. They do wonders for your skin by absorbing oil, dirt, and other harmful toxins that your skin battles throughout the day. Providing a refreshing deep clean, mineral clay masks tighten and cleanse pores, which helps with the reduction of blemishes. The clay laden minerals works together to improve skin elasticity, encourage healthy cell growth, and encourage brilliant skin tone.

Exfoliation is yet another advantage as well as a crucial step towards discovering soft and refreshing skin. Mineral clay masks gently slough away old skin cells to make way for newer, younger skin. The process improves circulation, giving your skin a healthy glow. Exfoliation is necessary to increase the blood flow that will carry necessary nutrients and oxygen to the surface. Resulting in smooth and radiant skin, increased circulation is essential to preventing unwanted blemishes from surfacing in the first place, skin repair, and stopping pesky premature wrinkles.

Choose a mineral clay mask that fits your facial needs the best. While most of them all promise results in cleansing, exfoliation and improved circulation, different clays have multiple minerals and uses that cater to different skin types.

Green clay is the most commonly used clay and works best for oily skin. Packed with nutrients, it draws out toxins while focusing on oily skin and tightening pores.  Pink clay is most suitable for those with normal to dry skin. It’s a little stronger for those looking for a little more exfoliation in their skin care regime. Those with more sensitive skin may find that white clay is the mildest and gentler than other mineral clays. It’s good for people with dry skin because it doesn’t absorb oils. Similar to white clay, yellow clay is mild and good for sensitive skin as well. Although it still draws oils from the skin, it is not as excessive. This type of clay is good for people with dry and sensitive to normal skin.

Mineral clay masks are perfect for rejuvenating the skin while purifying and hydrating it at the same time. Research will yield a variety of D.I.Y. masks online or check out the Mineral Clay Mask by DorMauri. Containing silica and calcium, this mask naturally leaves your skin feeling pure and healthy all the while meeting the rest of your facial needs.

More and more people are turning to the use of mineral clay masks to add a little more T.L.C. to their skin care routine.  Their appealing mineral properties specifically target the skin by smoothening, softening, toning, and repairing the skin’s elasticity. Seeking revitalized dull, lifeless skin is achieved by targeting damaged areas, especially with those struggling with unwanted blackhead and blemishes. And of course, simply the relaxing feeling you get from the use of a mineral clay mask is a reason within itself to seek the indulgence of using one.

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