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Five Factors to Define Success

How can one achieve success? This is a common question sought after by people. One must remember that the definition of success can alter from the standpoint of one person to another. Success for business-minded individuals translate to profit while success for others mean owning a house, car and stable work. There are so many definitions of success, depending on the one who is defining or searching for it. In a general context, success has different factors that define it. Here are some of the factors that determine success


Some people define success as being effective. The main question is: Are they making things happen? Are they able to contribute in a way that adds value to the entity? Are they able to accomplish objectives? Success for these people translate that the project becomes better as an outcome of their engagement. They can see positive effects and feel self-fulfillment.


Being happy is also a common factor contemplated upon by people when defining their success. Some people define success by whether or not their work fits them and how much happiness they have as an outcome of the job. Many people can also define success through happiness from their relationships and material belongings. If the job does not add to their sense of enjoyment and happiness towards themselves or to others, then despite their material belongings and assets, they will not feel success.


Everyone desires balance in life. Some people define success through the sense in which they are able to balance life, particularly between family, work, friends, and themselves. However, in several cases, people who define success as being balanced do not include work as a criterion or factor. They strongly believe that life requires balance and that work isn’t meant to be the only aspect of life.

Making a Difference

Many people join causes and charitable events to make a difference, which ultimately leads to success. This is according to people who believe that success is defined as making a difference. People who define success this way often contemplate on how their lives will be tallied in their own funeral. How much wealth the individual has acquired or how many people he/she has helped is taken into account. Will people, including family, friends and colleagues, be talking regarding how much cash the individual made or how you were able to contribute to the world, or at least your community?


Power is also a common factor many use to define success. Power in terms of money and connections are perhaps the most common form of this defining factor. One can view who is below them or who they can control as a definition to success. Furthermore, how much money they’ve accrued may also be used as a parameter or defining factor to success.


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