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“Ford India” one of the highly reputed companies in Indian automobile market, this company comes on 6th position in car market. The head office of ford India is situated in Chennai the southern metropolis, this company has its main office in America. Ford is basically famous because of the quality and technology which they use in their cars; its passenger car made this car manufacturing company famous all across the world because of their fuel efficiency, this car has grown the business of this company by huge amount. Now days Ford is becoming automobile giant especially in India this company is becoming one of the most trusted car companies. In previous years ford launched various small budget car which have done very good work for the company and created amazing value of this company. But now ford is coming with various new innovations and new cars one of them is “Ford Ecosport” which is an SUV (Sports utility vehicle) this SUV is complete package of elegant looks, lustrous body, huge space inside the car, various new features such as parking sensor, powerful AC, amazing audio system, steering with complete control and many more. This is a luxury SUV which is very impressive and I must say this will be one of the heaviest competitors in all the SUV’s which are present in the automobile market.

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Ford Ecosport Models:

  • Ford Ecosport (Launching Soon)

  • 1000cc, Manual, Petrol, 16.0 kmpl

  • Rs. 9, 00,000*

Ford Ecosport Mileage:

The complete information associated with the mileage is not available but the expected information is there. The Ford Ecosport is coming with petrol engine is expected to have the proficient fuel supply system which helps the SUV to deliver very good mileage. The company claims that this SUV will deliver mileage of about 20 kmpl when the vehicle is driven under the standard driving condition. Whereas the information about its diesel variant is not available, but it is expected to have good fuel efficiency since today’s trend there are amazing fuel control techniques are available.

Power of Ford Ecosport:

Ford Ecosport SUV will be expected to come with two engine variant one is petrol and other one will be diesel. The 1.0-litre Ecoboost petrol engine which will be turbocharged for the better performance, this will be a three cylinders and have the option of both manual as well as auto transmission and also have efficient system this petrol engine will deliver power up to 122.5bhp with the maximum torque of 170 Nm at about 1500 rpm which combined to provide a enormous amount of power.

Whereas the diesel version is packed with 1.5-litre Duratorq engine and comes with common rail injection fuel supply for the better fuel efficiency this engine will provide power of about 90bhp with torque of 204 Nm  at about 2000-2750 rpm which is really impressive, and it has 5 speed manual transmission system.

Acceleration & Pick-Up:

This SUV is especially for the people who love adventure, it provide great speed, power and ultimate pick-up. It reaches from 0-100km/s in very few seconds, when you drive this car at peak speed the most advantageous thing is it didn’t vibrate. You will surely enjoy its ride.

This is all about this beautiful SUV and I’ll suggest to all SUV buyer if you are planning to have new SUV then wait until this SUV get release in the market.