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Hiking has become one of the most popular ways to not only get some great exercise but also get out into the wilderness. Hiking is a means of exploring Mother Nature while reaping the benefits of fresh air and exercise. There are many amazing hiking trails on offer around the world which range in difficulty. If you are an avid hiker or just starting out, here are some of the fundamental hiking safety rules and tips one should always adhere to and remember no matter how many hikes they have conquered. Many hiking trails feature in the unruly wilderness so it’s vital to always follow hiking safety tips.

Important Hiking Safety Tips And Rules

1. Be prepared in terms of gear and equipment

Obviously hiking trails will differ when it comes to the gear and equipment needed but a good pair of hiking boots are always a prerequisite in hiking safety. One should take the necessary precautions when it comes to clothing. Weather can change dramatically especially when hiking at a higher altitude so be sure to pack warm clothes as well as clothes compatible with wet conditions. Hi visibility clothing is also a great idea if hiking in low visibility conditions. A hiking pole or walking stick is a great idea in hiking safety. Not only does it aid with balance, but it also allows a hiker to test ground that may be unstable. A first aid kit is also something a hiker should always have on them as accidents may happen in the blink of an eye.

2. Be knowledgeable about the hiking route and don’t hike alone

In other hiking safety tips, it is incredibly important to know the route and trail you will be embarking on. Knowing where you are going will not only help you plan but if something happens, people will know exactly where you have hiked to.  It is also important to remember, especially if hiking in the wilderness, to not hike alone. Although you may have already informed people of where you are going, it’s better to just be safe and hike with at least one other person.

3. Basic provisions in terms of food and water

Taking adequate water and food may seem like obvious things to do while embarking on a hike. In hiking safety rules and tips, one should pack more than enough water for the trip as different factors such as fatigue, dehydration and very hot weather will vary. Except in emergencies, avoid drinking out of streams. Natural water sources, not always but often, are loaded with bacteria. Just remember, animals bathe and eliminate in them. Also remember to keep your energy levels up with the right amount of food during your hike.

Be aware, be vigilant and enjoy your hiking adventures!

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Jemma Scott is a freelance writer with an interest in the outdoors and activities such as hiking. She recommends safety tips such as wearing a hi vis vest and elements to consider.