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Tips For Cleaning Up Your Flooded Basement

Experiencing a flood is always stressful for any business owner. It is not unusual to experience a flood in the basement due to it being the lowest level of the building. A heavy rainstorm can really put basements and most importantly, inventory at risk. In some instances, a flood may occur as a result of a mishap, such as a leak in the foundation or pipes. In any case, when this happens, the business owner will have to clean up before much damage has been done that can be long-lasting. Heaters can do a good job of partially rectifying the problem of a flooded basement.

Rid Your Basement of Excess Water

The first thing that should be done in such an emergency is to operate a sump pump. It is a good to have on hand just in case a flood occurs as it can eliminate water quickly and efficiently. A business owner that does not own this device will be required to use a mop to sop up the water and drain it into a bucket. Any rugs or carpeting that has been affected should immediately be removed and dried outdoors in direct sunlight or at a professional cleaning company. This will eliminate the risk of mold development. Any inventory and other items that have gotten wet should also be dealt with in a similar manner. Items that cannot be salvaged should be disposed of to eliminate the risk of mold.

Eliminate Mold Growth

It is absolutely essential to clean up any areas of the basement that have been direct targets of the water that came with the flood. If any walls were dampened, they can be wiped down with a clean cloth or sponge dipped in warm water that includes a bleach mixture. This will greatly eliminate the possible development of mold that can be harmful to the health of all employees. The floor should be thoroughly mopped with the water-bleach mixture as well.

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A dehumidifier will work wonders to dry up any excess moisture left over from a flooded basement. It is necessary to run this device overnight and expect the dry out process to take at least 24 hours. A fan can also assist in drying up the dampness after a flood. Opening windows will also help, as long as it is a dry, sunny day.

The use of heaters can greatly assist in the final step of restoring a basement post flood in order to eliminate any excess moisture that may still be lingering.

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  • "To prevent wet basement you should follow these steps:
    • Install drain systems.
    • Control surface water.
    • Seal basement walls."

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