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Facelift and Eyelid Surgery at Bellevue are the most reviving surgeries that are performed nowadays. The procedures eliminate the extra skin and fat from the entire face and provide the patient with a well-contoured, fresh and younger look. When a woman or man goes through various stages of life, he/she acquires the personality that is given to him/her by age. But as more time passes by, the persistent pull of gravity, and the harmful effects of glut sunlight, and some other factors can make you appear stressed or even an angry facial look. With most modern technologies available in today’s world, the problem of aging is becoming no-problem at all.

When your age grows older, masses of fat can accumulate on both upper and lower areas of the eyes. As a result, people feel your eyes reveal sack like appearance. By the fat elimination, the extra skin and the incisions that are made in the natural creases of the eyelid areas, surgeons are able to work out these problems. Your eyes can have smooth and firm skin just as you have in the young hood. Even if your lower eyelids are becoming a problem for you just because they are accentuating a sad or tired look, then also an eyelid surgery is the best option. In those cases, where you think that alone eyelid surgery won’t help then facelift is done along with it. Facelift is a state-of-art technique that can help to overcome the age related flaws particularly in the lower and the middle of the face.

Get An Attractive Face By Facelift and Eyelid Surgery!

Although these two are quiet different procedures but the aesthetic goals of both of them are very alike:

  • exceptional cheek and face volume
  • Smooth contour of the face with no jowls or creases in the eye region
  • Slimmer neck without extra fat and no sagging bags around the eyes
  • After surgery, totally gone ‘operated’ appearance

The postoperative procedures for both the procedures are quiet similar. After surgery, complete cure can occur after 2 weeks but this time can differ an as it is dependent upon how the procedures are performed and upon every individual’s immunity. After an eyelid surgery, patients can wear contact lenses in 2 weeks. All the patients have to relax and get an attendant for themselves during the initial period. Particular post-operative instructions are given to the patient about the care and handling of the operated area. Pain can be managed through medications and gone after few weeks. Stitches disappear after a week.

If you are highly worried about your looks and want to get rid of skin and fat around your eyes, face, neck and jaw region, and dropping tissues around the face and profound folds of nose and around the nose, then you are selecting the right thing for you. You must also be a non-smoker if you want this process to be done. Only a mentally well and hale and hearty person can bear the pain during this procedure but as the pain is gone, all you get is wonder looking skin and young face.

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