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A lot of people these days are looking for more and more ways to contribute towards the health of the environment. We all know about the basics, such as avoiding plastic bags and recycling, but there is so much more to be done. For instance, did you know that there is something called eco-friendly cleaning? When you’re house cleaning or hiring a cleaning company for office cleaning, you can insist on environmentally friendly cleaning practices and products, to reduce the harmful impact on the environment. The environment is a priority for everyone, or at least it should be, and when you have the option to go green when you clean there should be no question about what you should do the next time you’re planning to clean out your kitchen or give the bathroom a scrub. Here’s some advice on green cleaning straight from the cleaning agencies.

Tip 1: Clean Frequently

When you make home cleaning a regular project, not only are you improving the health and sanitation standards inside your house and making your own job easier each time, you’re also helping the environment along a little. How, you ask? It’s simple, really! When you clean frequently, whether it’s oven cleaning or sofa cleaning, dirt and dust have less time in between cleanings to build up and accumulate around the house. This means that each time you’re cleaning, you actually have to clean a minimal amount of grime. This in turn means that you don’t need the super aggressive cleaning products and you can make do with milder, more environmentally sound cleaning agents and even everyday products from around the house. When you make an effort to maintain your things, you can skip the chemically laced cleaning agents and make do with good old natural products.

Go Green When You Clean

Tip 2: Ditch The Harsh Chemicals

It is very easy to step out to the local stores and purchase the first detergent or cleaning solution that you lay your hands on. However, most of the commercially produced cleaning agents are chockfull of chemicals and toxins. Not only do they damage the environment, they also slowly corrode the surfaces they are used on and they can cause skin allergies, respiratory infections and so on. Make it a point to carefully read the ingredients list every good cleaning agent you buy and avoid the ones that are full of chemicals. Familiarise yourself with harmful chemicals and avoid them at all costs, and make an effort to purchase products that have fewer traces of chemicals and toxins. Make an effort to find environmentally-friendly cleaning agents that don’t contain these harmful substances. If you’re unsure of where you can purchase some, ask your local cleaning companies for some advice on the same.

Tip 3: Use Green Alternatives From Around The House

You’d be surprised to learn that there are so many things around the house that you can use in place of harsh chemicals. From everyday kitchen ingredients to environmentally-manufactured cleaning products, there is no dearth of green alternatives to the toxic cleaning agents most of us end up using as a result of habit. For instance, you can easily skip the expensive, chemical furniture polish and use a clean cloth and a dab of  olive oil to get your favourite armchair looking spanking new again. Or instead of the harsh window cleaning detergent you can make do with a solution of vinegar in warm water.

The great thing about going green when you’re doing domestic cleaning is that not only is it better for the environment, it’s also better for your health and it works out cheaper on the pocket.