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Grand Canyon In The 21st Century

Preserving the natural wonders of the world is a major task. They are only beautiful as long as they are untouched by the modernistic advancements by us humans. If they lose their “natural glow” they lose their importance. But how do you keep true to the essence of a place and yet prepare it to welcome millions of visitors a year? Grand Canyon National Park is one UNESCO World Heritage Site which has welcomed the 21st Century with open arms, without losing its natural majestic valor.

Virtually Natural

The line between the natural and the virtual world seems to be gradually fading away, but one thing that did not seem possible was to merge the two. How could you possibly enjoy the feel and magnitude of one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World-virtually? Well to some extent you can, with the Cell Phone Audio Tour at the Grand Canyon National Park.

Cell Phone Audio Tour

It is an audio tour that you can listen to on your cell phone within the rim of the canyon. All you have to do is dial the number on the “Park Range Audio Tour Signs” and enter the stop number depending on the site that you are at. The audio tours are two minute narratives that range from the geographic importance and facts about the Canyon to the history of the Native Americans that resided there. This service comes at no additional charges.

Just Me and My Cell phone

Visibility at Grand Canyon on a clear day ranges from 90 to 110 miles, making it the cleanest air in the United States. And initiatives like the Cell Phone Audio Tour are great ways to preserve that natural beauty and yet walk hand in hand with the developing world. This service allows you to take those solitary walks around the Grand Canyon National Park, and yet be provided with all the information that makes the Grand Canyon so special. This is one reason you wouldn’t be tempted to leave your cell phone back home, as generally is the case.

You can fast forward, rewind, pause and even leave feedback by pressing certain buttons on your cell phone. You can also download these audio tours and PDF files and enjoy them at home.

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Other than the Cell Phone Audio Tour there are other ways to take a tour also via air-conditioned bus rides, glass roofed trains and helicopter trips. You can also take guided tours led by Park Rangers or join group tours.

So whether you are a history lover, a water rafter, a hiker, a loner or an adventurer, you are bound to leave the Grand Canyon content, tranquil and in love with nature all over again.

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