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Most people have a theme for their home and carrying that theme into the stairway is critical.  Don’t settle for contractor grade stair parts, push for the design that will make your home unique and show your creativity.

Personalization of stairways
–Find a way to personalize your stairway with a monogram on a box newel.  It is easy for stair manufacturers to use a cnc router or laser to engrave a design or pattern that is uniquely you.

–If a monogram is too much for you, then personalize your stairway with a pattern of balusters that speaks to your sense of style.  Feel free to use one pattern of iron balusters on the steps and a different design on the balcony.  It is your house

Making it flow
You have spent hours working on the right elevation for the exterior of your home and planning the landscaping and you have found the right combination of a Georgian themed home or maybe a Frank Loyd Wright inspiration.   Since you have done all of this work on the exterior, bring that inspiration inside to the stairs.  Who says stair tread have to be 1” thick?  If you have heavy Georgian lines on the exterior, then choose 1 ½” thick treads.  If you went the Frank Loyd Wright route and you need a wide overhang with a seemingly “thin roof,” then find a stair manufacturer like who can do it.  Treads can look like they are only ½” thick even though there is 1” of beef hidden underneath them.

Open it up
If you have a limited space and you don’t want a heavy stairway with lots of wood filling up your house, then look into a floating stairway made with treads that seem to float in mid-air even though they are supported by a strong center stringer.  Couple this with a cable railing system and it will look like that stairway consumes ½ of the space of a normal set of stairs.

Stair builders, contractors and manufacturers need to listen to you.  Your home is the one that is being built and you will live in it so make sure you are getting the items that you want.  The role of the builder and manufacturer is to guide you and make sure that you are choosing items that are safe and structurally sound.  Don’t take, “its not available” as an answer.

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