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Buying a new car can be extremely stressful! First you have to decide what car you actually want! Then it’s finding a good car for your money! One of the worst things is to purchase a car, then a few weeks later for lots of problems to come up with it! This is why it is very important that you do not rush into buying a new car! There are many things to consider when you are searching for a used car:


You need to have a sensible budget in your mind. To do this you should do lots of research into the car which you want, this should include the age of the car and the spec. You should not plan to go out and get a brand new car with a small budget! You should also take the additional costs of the car into consideration such as the insurance group. The higher the insurance group, the higher you insurance premiums are going to be! You should also consider that you will have to pay for MOTs and tax for the car!

History of the Car

You should always be wary of any car you go to buy. If you find that the car has little paper work of the history of the car, then it is likely that the seller is hiding some information. You can get the car HPI checked, simply from knowing the registration plate number. This will let you know if the car has been stolen or written off in the past. You should always try and get as much information on the car as possible; you can even do this from looking at the past MOTs and service history.

Other Buying Options

If you cannot find the right car for your budget, then you could always decide on getting a car on finance. There are many different finance options available to you. You choose to go for a long term 3 year plan, known as personal contract purchase. This consists of you buying a brand new car over the course of three years. If this does not sound the right type of plan for you, you can also turn to business car leasing and personal car leasing. This is where you can rent a car for business or personal purposes for over different time periods. Choosing to lease a car is a way to save money as you will not have to pay for the additional costs such as MOTs, tax and services.

UK Car Contracts offer affordable business contract hire and personal contract hire.