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A public information tool released on the internet is a BLOG and also considered as an article. BLOGS offer an opportunity to the public to freely express their opinion and to use it frequently. These BLOGS are comparable to newspaper editorials. Instead of a printed form it appears online. Internet marketers think about BLOGGING as a very popular and effective tool. As it has great influence on the internet users. When advertising products online, it offers the next best option to social networks. Most BLOGS invite user comments in its comment box whereas some BLOGS doesn’t offer such option. The guest BLOGGING doesn’t require any registration. The administrator can allow a guest to post a BLOG on his/her website. A website owner can also outsource any information, opinion or expertise which he/she is unable to provide for himself/herself. The following easy guide can help you in preparing a BLOG as a guest.

Why we want to BLOG?

  • The commonly known reasons to BLOG are:
    1. An ever increasing use of the web to achieve online recognition is through searching in your relevant field
    2. It offers as an effective tool for marketing
    3. It offers BACKLINKS to your web page
  • Drive traffic to your website through social following and effective BACKLINKS the use of the SEO – MOZ toolbar is highly effective in order to determine authority for domains


Where we do BLOGGING?

  • Locate a website offering same products/services
  • Look for BLOGS which interest you
  • Create simple and catchy contents to attract visitors/readers
  • Provide social media icons for sharing BLOGS on FACEBOOK, Twitter, and BLOGGER etc, with a comment section below every guest BLOG
  • Search engines like Google,, and Yahoo etc can provide a list of websites to work with as a guest BLOGGER

Follow the Footstep of Target Leaders

  • Find the expert and popular BLOGGERS in your field of interest
  • Look for a good reference that has familiarity and expertise in your interested field
  • Introduce yourself to several website owners
  • Contact website owners and search trade area that allows you to BLOG on their website

BACKLINKS to Website Pages

  • Guest BLOGGERS have BACKLINKS as compared to competitors
  • Examine BACKLINKS with OSE to locate composed BLOGS that refers to search engines like Site Explorer from SEO-MOZ

Social Media the Best Search Option for Post 

  • There aren’t any difficulties in finding a popular BLOGGER
  • Social media is the best platform to easily connect with accessible post of highly talented BLOGGERS
  •  Easy to search on twitter with the BLOGGER name and trade to get a good search results
  • The admin of the BLOG should publish a post on a social media timeline
  • Author’s name and BACKLINKS are the two important points

Exploring the BLOG Website

  • Examine the website
  • Check level of visitors/readers/audience
  • Is the BLOG old or new and are there any latest topics?
  • Know the details of the BLOG
  • Know the writing style
  • Gather information about how to do well in the BLOG post
  • Presentation of BLOG post includes:
    1. Follow the instructions and guidelines
    2. Explaining about how to gain knowledge
    3. While sending a job application email or message must contain the appropriate name of the BLOGGER

Ideas and Requests for Topic and BLOG

  • Get ideas from your previous writing samples
  • Say no to self-centered BLOGS
  • An aesthetic look of the BLOG matters a lot
  • Similar font size and similar vibe are very essential

 About the Author:

James Dean is an avid hiker that lives & breathes the outdoor life, capturing every moment with his childhood passion of photography. Following his interest in business, he writes columns for Orange County web Developers. Follow him on Google+