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It is quite understandable for traditional book lovers to not warm up to the idea of the Kindle instantly. For traditionalists, the process of understanding the need for books on a screen when real books can be easily accessed from shops, libraries and even online is downright unacceptable. For old fashioned and modern readers alike, here are a few things to like and maybe dislike about the Amazon Kindle.


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What’s to like

Tap and buy The process of purchasing books is exactly like buying and downloading music, movies and TV shows, except much quicker and more direct. You can be browsing the store one minute, and reading a sample the next. When you do decide to purchase, the full copy is available in just seconds. The Kindle is the ultimate form of convenience when it comes to reading books that you like. There is no need to scour book stores or garage sales for very elusive titles that you have always wanted to get your hands on. Just a quick search on Google and you can find that book in what seems to be no time at all. There seems to be no bounds for you with an internet connection and a credit card.

Good battery Life – Ignoring the obvious fact that a book made of paper does not need batteries, you won’t have to worry about constantly recharging your Kindle since its batteries can last for a very long time. Some even get through reading four to five books before the device gives an indication that it needs to be plugged in for charging.

Holds many books Going on vacation is much easier when you have a Kindle. Once upon a time, it took people hours to pick out the books they’d like to bring when traveling. Traveling entails a lot of planning and this includes managing the amount and weight of luggage that is acceptable for globetrotting. Bringing all the titles you want like to read while you are away might cause you to pay for excess baggage or cause you muscle strain with all the books weighing down your hand-carry. With a Kindle, you can buy and bring the ones you want to read and take them all with you. Also, the latest versions of this device are now capable of performing and running other applications like online games, VoIP programs, and many others.

What’s not to like

It smells strange – If you are crazy about books, you must know what it means when someone says that it does not smell right. Books are special and their smell is part of their charm. There is something magical and homey about the smell of a book’s fresh pages. Along that note, there are individuals who take pleasure in the aroma of a well-worn book that looks like it has been thoroughly loved. Books often make people who read them feel like they are being transported to a different place and it begins with the smell. Though convenient, the odds of getting a scent from your Kindle are virtually nonexistent.

The art of turning the pages It might sound a little silly but some people tend to miss the act of dampening the tips of their fingers to peel the pages apart and flip to the next page. Could be that it is a familiar gesture that reminds them of bedtime stories when they were young and the happiness it brought but somehow, the act of tapping the screen to digitally turn the pages on the Kindle isn’t quite the same. Besides, imagine how distracted you’d be to see smudges constantly.