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Halloween is coming and you know what that means, Halloween costumes! Halloween costumes are great fun but there is one thing some people forget about when it comes to their costume and that is what to do with ones hair.

The hair is what really sets a costume apart. A hair-do can create many different illusions including: creepy and dangerous, or silly and fun, or seductive and pretty. No matter what type of costume one chooses it can always be enhanced and made better with a complimentary hairstyle.

Whether you are creating a new hairstyle and doing it at home, or you decide to go to a salon, like beautylicious salon, in order to get that perfect hairstyle, the Halloween costume is not complete without a complimentary hairdo.

Here are some Halloween hairstyle ideas just to get the ball rolling:

Dampen hair and apply mousse. Blow-dry and make a loose part in the center. Use a curling wand (To avoid weird crimps) and curl the hair away from the face. Create bigger waves instead of keeping the ringlet curls by running fingers through the curls. Hair spray will help hold the look in place for a while.

There are two different hairstyles one could easily do to pull off a ballerina look, and they are; a low bun or a high bun. To make either bun look more professional, and more like a ballerina, do the following. First pull hair into a high or low ponytail and separate a section of the ponytail to braid. Make a bun by winding the hair (leave braid out to the side) around the base of the ponytail. Lastly, wrap the braid around the bun.

This look is not very difficult at all, witches are known to be scary and kind of gross, which means the hairstyle for a witch needs to look like it could have gotten that way on its own after a long period of not being taken care of. First rat the hair and crimp sections of it to make it look really wild and crazy, next hair spray sections of hair while holding it straight up. This will create a very crazy wild look.

For the genie look, try a really high ponytail or a high bun. Keep some hair to the side to wrap the ponytail or bun in so that no one can see the elastic of the ponytail holder.

Madison Hewerdine writes for blogs all over the United States, to learn more about beautylicious click here.