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There are many factors that go into the process of selecting a retirement living facility for a family member. Breaking down the process into a few basic categories can make the process seem less overwhelming.

Financial Aspects
There’s no getting around the fact that finances must be a part of the selection process. You need to have a clear understanding of your loved one’s financial situation and concentrate your search for a retirement home to those who are compatible with your loved one’s finances. A second part of the financial process involves having a clear understanding of the retirements policies concerning Medicaid.

Quality of Care
There are various sources you can go to to find at how well a retirement homes ranks in quality of care. There are state resources available that provide survey results and a ratings and comparison list provided by various reputable survey groups.

You definitely want to make several visits to a retirement facility before making a final decision. You’ll need to schedule a visit with the administrator to get a variety of questions answered. A walk through the facility can reveal a lot of information. You can observe the attitude of the staff, the condition of the rooms and the response time when a resident needs assistance. When it comes to prioritizing your concerns, a caring, compassionate staff is probably a more important issue than the interior decor.

Progressive Care
Retirement homes generally offer an apartment type living situation for residents. You can often choose between private and semi-private living arrangements. You may want to work in conjunction with the administrator to determine the specific living arrangement that would be best for your family member. It’s also important to discuss the levels of care that are available at that location. If, as time goes by, your family member needs more direct care, it would be ideal if they could remain at that same facility in an section where more direct care is available.

Personal care
Don’t hesitate to ask questions concerning the personal care your family member will receive. Ask about the bathing and laundry schedule. Check on the policies involving taking your family member out for a few hours or overnight. Be sure you understand the dining room rules and the procedures involving bringing food into the facility. Ask questions regarding amenities such as beauty salon and the special activity schedule.

Personal Observation
You may find it helpful to talk with some of the residents to get their perspective on how compassionate the staff is and the overall atmosphere of the retirement home. It’s likely that they all will tell you that living there is not like living in their own home but, at the same time, they can give you some idea of how happy they are living there. They can tell you how compassionate the staff is, how good the food is and how much planned activity is available to keep life interesting there. If possible, spend some time visiting with several residents.

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