Things To Do Before You Move

Things To Do Before You Move

There are several things you should do and schedule before you move, including packing, hiring cleaners, scheduling deliveries and cancelling and starting services. To make the moving simple, here are some tips:

Packing may seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many people leave packing to the last minute and find themselves behind on moving day. The packing process should start the minute you know you’re moving.

When it comes to moving and storage, you should start with non-essential items. Non-essential items include things you rarely or never use such as pictures off the walls, books, knickknacks, items stored in closets. These items can be packed as far out as 30 days, and they can be stored in the same closets that you’re currently using.

Next, you should work on items that you sometimes use. These include extra clothes and extra dishes. Non-essential tables and furniture can be disassembled at this time as well. Kitchens can be packed up the week before the move. Though, it’s wise to keep out one plate, fork, bowl, spoon, knife and cup per person and one skillet for cooking during the last week. By the time moving day rolls around, you should only have to pack toiletries and a couple suitcases.

Utility companies can receive requests to start and stop services ahead of time. You want to change your utility companies a day or two before you move. All you have to do is tell them when and where you need the service stopped and when and where you need the service started.

Internet And TV Services
Internet and TV services can also be stopped and started ahead of time, and it’s important to schedule these services at least three days prior to your move so that they are installed the day you move. A cable installer and ISP installer can come into your home and setup the services without the furniture. Of course, if your computer and TV aren’t set-up, you may have to program your own remotes and call the ISP for connection details.

If you’re getting a new washer, dryer, refrigerator or major appliance, schedule the deliveries ahead of time and have the items delivered the day you move. It’s much easier for the delivery people to deliver and install major appliances when the home or apartment is empty. Also, they won’t get a view of all your furniture and belongings.

Cleaning Services
It’s important to hire your cleaning services well in advance of your move. This is because you want the cleaning service you schedule to be available the days you need them and have the time-slots you need open.

You want your move-in cleaners to be at your new home early in the morning before you get your rental truck and pack the truck. This allows you to let them into your new home, get your truck, pack it and be at your new home by the time they finish. House cleaners do not need you present to clean your home. They only need you there to hand them the check or cash once they’re finished.

If you time it correctly, you can also have the same cleaning crew go to your old home after you’ve removed everything and perform a move-out cleaning while you’re unloading your truck at the new place.

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