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Balancing your health and fitness is always important, many people think they have to eat every single fruit and vegetable that exists to be healthy but that simply is not the case. As long as you incorporate fruit and vegetable in your diet that is the way forward, which is why it is recommended that you have your five a day.

Some of the questions we may ask ourselves are: can eating too much fruit and vegetable be damaging for the body or what are the best foods to eat and how many calories do these have? In helping to answer these questions, technology has come along to help find the right answers for us while we are on the move; mobile apps are really a handy little gadget to have when needing answers quickly. Here are the top 3 healthy living and eating iPhone apps that will fill up your knowledge on what is good for the body or not.

Green Kitchen

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This app priced at £1.49 is suitable for the super healthy individual, those who want to eat organic and also those who are vegetarians. There is variety of choices on this app to choose from, if you are looking for healthy snacks you will be directed straight to them and if you are looking for premium handpicked recipes then there is 66 to choose from. You will have access to the step by step cooking instructions so you can produce these delightful organic recipes at home at anytime. Ever heard of a spinach tartlet, well Green Kitchen will point you in the right direction to making this and consuming their gluten free tart will be a new experience you have achieved. Enjoy this healthy app and Bon Appetit!

Fast Food Calories Hunter

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Now here is a free app which at first does not sound healthy but the purpose of this app is to encourage you to be healthy. The Fast Food Calories Hunter app is a tracking device to hunt down what the calories are in fast food so when you are about to put a pizza in your mouth you might want to stop and check first how many calories is in that one slice and think again about eating it. The app will account for what you have eaten in a day and calculate how bad it is. The calorie guide does contain information that is very detailed so is accurate and stores dishes you find in every fast food restaurant so you cannot escape knowing what temptation of calories is in front of you unless you turn the app off. There is even a worldwide map of locations so you can track all the fast food places you go to around the world, better watch the cholesterol people.

Munch 5 A Day

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A healthy top up of goodness is always needed; never go without 5 a day. This free app offers recommendations to what five portions you should be consuming daily. It helps you to maintain that balanced diet and keep on top of the goodness you should be consuming. The app is great for monitoring foods but is also great at motivating you to eat healthier as it rewards you with badges. You can track your progress daily or over 7 and 30 days which is great as it puts you on a timetable to stick to your goal of achieving healthy living. At the end if your goal, a graph can be created of your progress so you could share this socially with your friend as it might motivate them to follow your lead.

Author: Jeanna H suffered from a hair loss condition and had to change her diet to have healthy hair re-growth; Read more about her Alopecia hair loss advice and discover what food diet she changed to in order to recover.