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When it comes to Christmas presents, I am a self-confessed useless shopper!

I don’t know what it is, but I do not have the knack and always find the wrong presents for the wrong person and always at the last minute.

In fact, upon seeing the Christmas decorations displayed in shop windows and adverts that are gracing our televisions (in October may I add!), it sends a shudder down my spine and I begin to get clammy hands and feel light headed!

Just the sheer thought of navigating around the hordes of people and endless shops makes me want to curl up into ball and hibernate for 3 months!

If, like me, you suffer from this unfortunate fear then read on.

Below are 3 tips that might unburden your plight. I felt compelled to pass this on so that it may ease your worries and sleepless nights.

Go Surfing
Obviously I mean the online kind!

You are able to do all of your shopping in the comfort of your own home with a glass of Chateau Talbot in hand or Chateau Cissac if you prefer.

You will also be able to purchase all your food and drinks too; it’s just a click, pay and away.  And what’s more, they will even deliver all of the gifts straight to your door (always make sure with the retailer when their last delivery dates are).

This will give you the euphoric realisation that you don’t have to get wrapped up and face the blistering cold to then battle the hordes of other Christmas shoppers.

If you really do have to venture out go back to basics.

Plan your journey to the shops; this can save you precious time. I would recommend avoiding shopping first thing in the morning during weekdays.

Though your intentions might be to “get it over and done with”, you will hit the rush hour and will have to battle your way through the nine to fivers.

Perhaps try shopping mid-morning or early on the weekends. I would also recommend using cash instead of cards.

This can save a little time while you are at the till but be safe not to carry too much at one time.

Make a list
I find that by making a list for the people that I need to buy for helps keep my mind focused.

Having an idea of what you want to buy before heading out helps a great deal. If you know what you are going to buy from each shop, I find that printing out an image of the product helps save time. You just show the shop assistant and they can direct you to the product rather you scouring the shelves for the product.

Think about the shops that you need to enter and plan your route. Ideally you should start from the furthest and work your way to the car or bus stop so that you don’t have to traipse back and forth.

Also don’t forget to add the essentials on the list like wrapping paper, sticky tape and tags too.

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