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Pool coping is the completion of the work done on the top of the pool wall that ties the pool and the deck or patio together by hooking directly to the bond beam which is usually poured to be thicker and stronger than the lower section of the pool wall to add additional structural support.

Pool coping comes in any shape, style, or color that a person might want and materials ranging from natural stone, poured concrete, and pre-cast concrete material. Pool coping is more ideal and adds safety features to the pool such as making it easier to grip on to when getting out.

For a more simple approach, there is precast concrete coping which offers the choice of a wider range of textures, patterns, and colors, often at a much lower cost than poured concrete or natural stone. From the point of view of installation, it is usually simpler to install and it is also usually easier to provide regularity in thickness and color than when working with natural stone.

Bull nose coping allows the surface of the concrete to be poured all the way to the edge of the swimming pool. This is a favorite style by many people to use on vinyl liner pools. It works well with the installation of the concrete surface of the deck and it allows you to attach your vinyl liner to your pool for a secure fit. It also makes it easier because the coping does not have to be taken off to replace the pool liner. This practice can help to make a small area around the pool look much bigger, and give cleaner lines to the deck

On several pools there is a space between the coping (pool ledge) and on the concrete patio or walkway next to the swimming pool. This is known as expansion joints which are the devices that are used to allow for the expansion of the heat induced reduction that occurs at different stages of the weather.

This gap averages 1/2 to 3/4 inches and usually sealed with a high grade caulk. In the northeastern part of the United States it is important to keep this gap filled since water can collect over time and raise the pool off the ground. The pool and/or concrete can shift when coming into contact with each other and crack the beam.

Finally, swimming pool coping provides a smooth area around the edge of a pool. As well as enhance and improve the pool, pool coping allows swimmers with wet hands and feet to easily enter in or move out of the pool because it provides better traction.

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