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Getting distracted at work can really impact your workload. It can put you behind, and possibly even get your into trouble. There are so many distractions, whether it’s using social media, mindlessly checking email, chatting with co-workers, disorganization and daydreaming. Eliminating these factors can increase your proficiency with taking on new tasks, and can even lead to you getting commended for your efforts. Here’s helpful ways to prevent major work distractions:


With email still growing within the workplace, your inbox has a tendency to grow throughout the day. Set alerts on your email account so you can focus on what you are doing without feeling the need to pull up your inbox every few minutes. If you aren’t expecting important emails, schedule times to pull up your inbox throughout the day. As long as you respond in a timely manner, you should be more than okay with your communication efforts.


We are social beings, and some people can talk all day. If you find yourself chatting for more than five minutes with co-workers, you could get in trouble for not doing your job. This can even be distracting to everyone in the workplace  Catch up on breaks by scheduling them together, and going for a walk.


It’s common to daydream, and everyone does it. As much as you would love to be laying on the beach,  you need to snap yourself back into reality. Make sure you get a enough sleep at night, so you can stay focused and have energy for the workday.

Social Media

Social media is one of the biggest distractions today. There are so many accounts you can check, but Facebook is one of the biggest distractions. Whether you are accessing it from your phone or from your office computer, you can lost in the website looking for the latest gossip. If you must check into it, make sure you log out of the program as soon as you are done. This will prevent you from easily pulling up the account to see what’s up.


Being unorganized can cause you to fall behind in a lot of your tasks. If you are constantly looking for something, you are just wasting time. Take time at the end of the day to organize your desk and your desktop so you can easily access the information when you need it. Besides, no one wants to sit at your messy desk. It’s stressful to look at.

Alison Waters works in the field of technology offering various IT consulting services. She faces the major distractions of the internet on a daily basis when working with computers. She stays proactive by organizing her schedule and providing these tips to her fellow coworkers so the office stays on track.