Home Renovation Romance: 5 Ways To Impress Your Woman

Home Renovation Romance: 5 Ways To Impress Your Woman

If you’re struggling to keep a girlfriend, look at your home. A bachelor pad won’t attract the ladies. If you want a place where every woman feels welcome, follow these useful tips. Each one is cheap and temporary, so no major home renovation necessary. Soon you’ll impress your future girlfriend with a home she’ll love.

Home Renovation Tip 1: Ditch the bachelor pad!

A bachelor pad will impress the guys, but not the girls. Aim for gender-neutral themes so your woman feels welcome. You can have your manly comforts like a widescreen HD TV and chilled beer in the fridge, but balance everything out with a feminine touch like flowers on the table and scented candles by the sofa.

Home Renovation Tip 2: Declutter ASAP.

No one likes a messy house. Time to sell or throw out the clutter. If you haven’t used something in the past three months, you probably don’t need it. If you can’t let go just yet, invest in cheap, secure storage space. People undergoing home renovation use storage companies all the time. With more space at home, your woman has room to visualise where she can move into your life. This is a great subtle way to show you’re open to commitment.

Home Renovation Tip 3: Show your sensitive side.

Choose soft colours like peach and non-metallic decorations. In the right lighting, soft themes become sensual, which is perfect in the bedroom. Pastel colours and light shades are safe options. Instead of hard colours like black and red, go for softer tones to show your sensitive side. If you get the right balance, she’ll know home renovation isn’t necessary when she moves in.

Home Renovation Tip 4: Make sure she always feels welcome.

Bright colours and lighting are always welcoming. Have enough bright lighting, but make sure there’s a dimmer switch. Then you can alternate between a bright room when she arrives to a dim setting when she stays over. A bright home is very uplifting. If she’s in a good mood, she’s more likely to say yes…

Home Renovation Tip 5: Don’t be an airhead!

Bright, soft colours with a room free from clutter are nice, but she’ll want more than looks. Show her you’re a deep thinker by displaying artwork. It could be anything from a captivating painting to an ancient vase. Even better, show your culture and history, for example, a Scot could have a painting of the Scottish Highlands. Now you can show your pride and have an easy talking point before conversation dries up.

Those are the 5 ways to impress your woman. As you can see, home renovation romance doesn’t have to be hard. If you’re sneaky, only use these methods when she comes over. The best option? Blend these 5 tips with your personal style, for example, display art you really like. It’s your home, remember? When she moves in, then you can make things permanent.

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