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Having your online business can be a tough thing for many different reasons. For instance, you have to find clients/customers, build partnerships, get the products created, take care of all your affiliations, and so on.

However, one of the biggest challenges is to take action, in general. Any action.

We – human beings – are naturally scared of rejection. Even if we don’t want to say it out loud, or acknowledge this consciously. This is just our nature.

Therefore, taking any kind of action becomes quite difficult at some times, as we’re always scared that someone somewhere might shut the door on us.

This problem is especially lively for any kind of business. Whenever you’re trying to sell something, the customer can always say no, your new supplier can say no, your prospective partner can say no, and so on.

So how to deal with this? Here are my three pieces of advice:

1. If you don’t ask the answer’s always no

This sounds quite silly, but it’s actually the essence of every doubt you might have about contacting anyone about anything.

Yes, someone can shut the door on you. Yes, you can end up feeling embarrassed. And yes, sometimes people will get angry about the things you’re asking them.

But other times people will simply say yes to your request.

The simple truth is this: If you don’t ask the answer’s always no.

The lesson here: At least give people the chance to say yes.

Running your own business really becomes a lot easier one you find the courage to reach out to people.

2. What’s the worst that can happen?

Sometimes imagining the absolute worst case scenario can really set you free. Especially if you realize that this worst case scenario isn’t actually that bad…

In most cases, at least when it comes to business, the worst case scenario is that nothing happens. For instance, you ask someone about a possible partnership, and nothing happens. You try to sell your new product, and nothings happens…

Now I have a piece of insider news for you … nothing is already happening.

You can only make things better by taking action.

Whatever you have in plan for your business, execute it. Start working on that new product, contacting people, launching ad campaigns. Whatever it is, take action!

3. Don’t care, you’re not going to please everybody

I’ve always said that you shouldn’t care about criticism. Most criticism isn’t constructive. It’s just someone trying to be smart and telling you that they know better. Caring about such things is really just a waste of time.

If someone is going to get mad at you, let it be. If someone is going to send you hate mail, let it be. It’s really impossible to reach any amount of success in business without attracting some haters.

Simply keep calm and don’t care, you’re not going to please everybody.

Now a question for you: Do you find it hard at some times to take action in your business? Do you ever get scared of taking action?

Karol K. (@carlosinho) is a freelance writer, blogger and online entrepreneur. You can find him at where he shares various online business advice.