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How Can A Psychiatrist Change Your Life?Sometimes when a person doesn’t feel well, they go to a doctor, but what if not feeling well is more than a physical illness. What if not feeling well also included depression or anxiety? In most cases, your general practitioner would refer you to a psychiatrist.

A psychiatrist in NYC or in another city, like Los Angeles, is a medical doctor who is trained to have the ability to diagnose psychological disorders and to prescribe medicine as treatment. They may also suggest other medical therapies for the treatment of those problems. They usually work in conjunction with therapists, psychologists and other practitioners who may provide talk therapy for the patient or in some cases, may provide that kind of service themselves.

The Evaluation

The first thing that happens when you visit a psychiatrist in NYC is an evaluation. During this time, you’ll answer questions regarding the symptoms you have been experiencing. This will give them an idea of what they’re working with. The psychiatrist will determine during this evaluation the severity of those symptoms and if/how they are interfering with your everyday life. Once they have an idea of the medical problem, your psychiatrist will discuss treatment options. These options may include both medication and therapy.

What they Treat

Psychiatrists treat issues such as depression, anxiety, Bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, etc. They can also help you to figure out if what you are dealing with isn’t a mental disorder.

What to Expect

A psychiatrist in NYC and elsewhere can offer a wide range of help for mental, emotional and behavioral problems. They help you to identify the root of you problems and they will present appropriate treatment options for you. In some cases, you may already be taking psychiatric medications – sometimes a GP will prescribe something before referring you to a psychiatrist – and if so, your psychiatrist in NYC can let you know about both the risks and benefits of the medication and they will know if the meds will have any effect on something you may already be taking.

Sometimes your psych meds can decrease the effectiveness of birth control pills or certain medications can be harmful to the fetus if you happen to be pregnant. Psychiatrists can also find out if there are underlying physical causes or chemical imbalances leading to your emotional distress. If so, they will treat you accordingly.

Psychiatrists are also the only mental health professionals allowed to admit you to the hospital in times of crisis.

Going Forward

To start, the psychiatrist will want to see you either weekly or bi-weekly, Sometimes these weekly or bi-weekly appointments will be scheduled to make sure you are not experiencing any side effects from the medication that has been prescribed. And as long as there aren’t any issues with the medication and it is leveled out, you may return to your psychiatrist once every one to three months. A psychiatrist in NYC like Dr. Wendy Wolfson could potentially improve your life.

Stacey Gotsulias writes for a variety of publications and websites.