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With the unpredictable demands of today’s job market, it is more crucial than ever to maintain one’s credentials in specialized industries. In today’s economy, an individual cannot risk losing their credentials due to the competitive workforce. Nursing certification boards require members to renew their credentials to maintain eligibility to practice by engaging in life learning opportunities and Nursing CEU courses to remain abreast of changes within their field and to ensure members are equipped to practice. Additionally, individuals seeking certification are able to enroll in courses offering continuing education credits demonstrating their expertise in a specified area. There are many ways in which an individual can fulfill their licensure requirements. Through renewal exams, continuing education credits, and workshops, individuals are able to maintain their credentials from year to year.

Most practitioners already certified in a specific field are juggling work, school, and family. The familiar saying, life is a balancing act, is definitely true in the lives of today’s traditional worker. Finding the time to fulfill board requirements has become even more difficult for practitioners. With the demands of everyday life, making time to fulfill educational and certification requirements can seem impossible. However, within the past years, an increasing number of programs have become available incorporating nontraditional techniques to appeal to the busy lifestyles of adult learners. Nevertheless, there remains to be a dedication on the part of the student to ensure they are successful in achieving and accomplishing their career goals.

Different time management, organizational, and learning techniques have been researched and have proven to be effective based upon a number of factors. When an individual is aware of what techniques work best for them and their situation, they are better able to incorporate those techniques to be most effective and efficient. Therefore, if you are someone enrolled in school or contemplating on enrolling in school while employed, there are a few things you will want to keep in mind. Here are some approaches you can implement to effectively balance work and school:

• Manage Your Time
• Prioritize Your Tasks
• Establish a Schedule
• Create a Plan of Action
• Organize Your Day
• Don’t Procrastinate
• Anticipate Unexpected Circumstances
• Plan for Unforeseen Delays
• Obtain Support from Co-workers, Family, and Friends

If your certification board requires continuing education credits, look no further.  There are continuing education credits available, which are convenient, cost effective, and because of the flexibility, can easily be incorporated into anyone’s busy schedule. Nursing CEU courses for example, have remained to be popular as the industry continues to be in high demand.

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