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One of the most popular presents to give and receive regardless of the circumstance is something consumable. Everyone must eat and drink, and providing a good friend, relative, spouse or co-worker with a bit of indulgent delights can bring a smile to their face. Guilty pleasures have long been appreciated by the recipients of presents. One of the most popular presents to deliver a mixture of treats is in a gift basket. In particular, wine gift baskets for any occasion are always welcomed and met with a smile. They work well for everything from birthdays to holidays and many special events in between.

Here are a few ways you can choose the perfect one for your next present.

  • Whites vs. Reds

First, you must think about the person you are giving to. If you are unsure of whether they drink one style more than the other, give both a bottle of white and red. Popular brands are usually a safe option as they are the mildest in taste and can satisfy picky sippers and non-picky drinkers alike. With that said, avoid choosing the least expensive bottle as that may reflect poorly on you as a giver. Instead, stick with the bottles that are middle of the road for the best option.

  • Sparkling for special events

For special events, such as an anniversary or housewarming, giving a bottle of sweet sparkles can help commemorate a big occasion. Often times, these bottles are beautiful and can be used later as a vase or to display as a memory of the big event. Because of their dual purpose, these make a great present.

  • Non-alcoholic for new moms

If you are ever uncertain if your recipient is drinking alcohol or not, always go with the safer route and give a non-alcoholic bottle instead. This is particularly true for new moms who may still be steering clear of alcohol. A bottle of sparkling cider may be a better option in this case because it can still be consumed as a special bubbly beverage without the risk of being a drink that the recipient cannot enjoy.

  • Edible extras

In any basket, it is a good idea to include some edible treats. Pairings that work particularly well with the wine theme include chocolate, crackers and cheese. You may also want to include some accessories to help them enjoy their drinks, such as a corkscrew or glasses.

From whites to reds and bottles of bubbly, your recipient will be excited to pop open a bottle and celebrate regardless of the circumstance. This trendy present is one that is sure to be received with a smile and one that can be used to create lasting memories of a special day.

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