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Bulk purchases make a lot of sense if you’re buying useful items like perishable food or ammunition for your firearms. You may want to get a lot of practice in at a range, but you’ll eventually chew through your ammo even if you’re a seasoned pro. Ammunition comes in different types or sizes, and there are a few ways you can narrow down which kinds to buy before you place your bulk order.

How to Decide Between Ammo Sizes and Types When Buying In Bulk

Consider Seller Benefits

In many cases, people look into purchasing ammo in bulk from a qualified online vendor. They do so because the selection isn’t usually as limited as it might be in a local store. However, there are some things you should consider here. Different ammo sizes may add to the shipping costs due to weight. Some ammo may take longer to reach you depending on its availability. If you use different firearms, you may want to consider ordering ammunition you can make use of right away while waiting for other sizes or types to arrive.

Pick the Right Type

You’ll want to choose the bullets that match the firearms you own, but there is a bit more to the selection process than that. You may have specific uses for one gun or the next. Target practice, self-defense, or hunting all have different possible ammo types you could use. For defense, something like bulk 9mm Luger ammo for sale could be a good choice. Target practice has the widest selection, and you’ll only be limited if you visit a firing range with certain ammo restrictions. For hunting, you may want to go with something that penetrates deeply and expands on impact.

Check the Versatility

Some firearms are able to deal with multiple types or sizes of ammunition. If you have compatible guns, you may want to stock up on ammo that is the least expensive and most plentiful type that works with what you have. This way, you know you’ll have easy access to what you need for a variety of tasks from hunting to practice.

Choose Your Additional Factors

You know that certain calibers work with particular firearms. It’s also true that some types of ammo work well for specific tasks. However, you can also choose the type that you prefer based on secondary factors. Some of these options might include bullets with soft or hollow points, open tips, or steel cores.

A bulk purchase of ammo is useful, but it is a personal decision that can vary from one enthusiast to the next. No matter what size or type that you go with, it is important to compile all the necessary data before you commit to a buy. Make sure you know any state or local laws that could apply to your purchases. Some regulations may apply to online sales, and there may be age requirements that differ between handgun and rifle ammunition in your state.