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As the years have passed, the construction industry has gotten much better at providing a higher insulation level in homes. However, many people who prefer classic farmhouse style homes still reside in older homes that were built in the early 1900s before insulation was anywhere close to where it is today. If you fall into this category, here are some helpful tips regarding insulating your home and keeping the heat inside during those cold winter months.

Insulation and Heating Tips For Wooden and Farm-Style Homes

Consider Adding Foam Insulation

If you know that your old home doesn’t have any insulation in the walls, your best bet is to add it. Insulation should be put in your home’s exterior walls and in the ceiling to provide a barrier from the attic. While most people are familiar with the pink or yellow batts of insulation, these are not the only kind out there. For those who already have finished walls, using a spray foam insulation is ideal. A small hole should be made in between all your studs so the spray foam can be put inside. These holes can be easily patched to return your room back to its original look with ease.

Seal Air Gaps

If you’ve ever sat by a cracked window, you know just how much airflow it can let into a home. Now, imagine that small of a space being amplified throughout your old home. That equates to a lot of air being let in during both the summer and winter. This excess airflow can make your home heating and cooling system work twice as hard. To combat this problem, simply do an airflow audit of your home. Take note of any air infiltration, such as by an attic door, a crack of a window, or gaps around a door frame. All of these areas should be covered appropriately to reduce air gaps.

Mind Your Vents

One of the simplest things you can do to increase the amount of heat in your home is to pay mind to your vents. It’s very easy to put objects unintentionally in front of vents, registers, and radiators. Many people even choose to cover up these fixtures, as they can be a bit of an eyesore. However, the more you cover up these areas, the less heat will be delivered to the rooms in your home. Take a few moments and walk around your home to identify if you have objects blocking your vents, registers, or radiators and move them accordingly.

Consider Adding a Heated Floor

The concept of a heated floor seemed like an expensively crazy idea just a decade ago. However, they’ve become more of the normal because heated floors are actually affordable to the average homeowner today. If you’re thinking about replacing any flooring in your home, then include a heated floor pad underneath it. This is one simple way you can make your home more comfortable in the winter months.

Living in an old wooden farmhouse can give you a timeless feel of peace and serenity. However, dealing with the excess cold in the wintertime can have you hating living there. If you employ the tips we went over above, you’ll be well on your way to ensuring that your old home is comfortable for your family this winter season.