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As children are about to go back to school, the spread of coughs and colds are just around the corner. The time of year where everyone in the house is either sniffing, sneezing or splurging is enough to cause dread in any household. So apart from duvet days watching DVD’s what can actually be done to stave off the onslaught of another winter.

Keep it Clean

Cold and flu viruses can live for hours on surfaces, so think back, when was the last time you cleaned your computer? Who else has being using that mouse? Is the keyboard looking a bit grubby? Doctors always advise to wash your hands after each visit to the toilet and this is the best way to kills off any germs that may be lurking. Note, use warm water as this has more chance of killing any germs that choose to inhabit your hands compared to that of cold water. Also available now are sanitizing gels which can be carried around with no hassle. By keeping your hands clean, you’re giving yourself the best shot at not passing any germs round the office and home.

Vitamin C
It may seem like common sense to add more Vitamin C in to our diets, but the fact is not enough people do so. Unlike other Vitamins, Vitamin C is relatively easy to maintain within our diets. Foods such as Oranges and strawberries have always been known to contain high amounts of Vitamin C but did you know baked potatoes contain moderately high Vitamin C levels? So the children may not be the biggest fans of more traditional vegetables such as broccoli and turnips but blended and chopped into a soup or stew is the perfect way to keep them fit and healthy and more importantly at school.


In the age of fast food and ready meals we cannot always guarantee we’re going to be consuming enough of the ‘right’ ingredients. Cinnamon supplements for instance have long been regarded as a great way to fend off colds whilst at the same time boosting our immune systems. Obviously everyone is different and if you take some time out to focus on your diet, have a look what elements are missing. After this consider a supplement which will boost that part of your diet.

We’re more likely to be stuck by a cold when stressed and run down. In a fast moving climate it may at times be difficult to relax and take a break but this is necessary to avoid any time off work. Take time out of your day to avoid any stresses you have, read a book, listen to music. Its important to re-energize to ensure the immune system has enough fight to battle the common cold.


Not always incited as a remedy to battle the cold virus, but regular exercise has been proven to boost the immune system. As the heart pumps more blood around the body during exercise, this allows for white bloods cells (white blood cells fight germs and bacteria) to travel more easily, meaning that these cells can fight germs more easily.
By taking on a few of these tips you will be giving yourself and the family the greatest chance of not having a winter filled with sick days and DVD’s.

Author Bio
Simon Humphries is a trained nurse specialising in alternative medicines. Simon has long recommended using cinnamon capsules to enhance dietary needs to be used in other areas of medicine.