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When you run a business it’s vital that you have the right team behind you. Your employees play such a huge role in how successful you will be, which is why you have to go to great lengths to find the right candidates.  With the economy in the state that it’s in the right employees are more important than ever. So how can you go about finding the special individuals that will help your business thrive?

 How To Find The Right Employees

Find candidates by calling the income support contact number

Know What You’re Looking For

Many small business owners don’t really understand the type of job they are offering. They have no clear outline for the job description and therefore it is very hard to have the right people come forward to fill the role. Before you begin searching you have to decide what positions you need to fill and what the expected duties are for each position. Once you know what you’re looking for you need to create a job description that includes information such as:

  • Essential qualifications and experience
  • Desirable qualifications and experience
  • Ideal skills
  • Job duties
  • Role the employee will be playing in the company
  • Benefits of working with you
  • Wage, salary and benefits
  • Number of hours per week
  • Working times
  • Holidays

The more information you’re able to fit in to a clear and concise job description the better. It will act as an elimination process ensuring you only spend time interviewing individuals who are suitable for the position.

How To Find The Right Employees

What to Look for in Your Candidates

There are seven categories to look for when you’re interviewing candidates. It is a good idea to look for these categories as they are all great indicators showing that the individual will be worth your money and time and that they are more likely to be a great fit for your company:

  • Competence is the first factor because if the candidate doesn’t have the skills and experience or education you’re looking for they will not be able to work as you expect.
  • Compatibility is vital; you want your team to get on so they can work well together. You must consider how the individual you’re interviewing will gel with the rest of the workforce and potential clients.
  • Commitment to the job; do you want to invest in someone who is likely to leave in a couple of months? Check through their job history and ask about their goals to establish if they are likely to be with you for the long term.
  • Learn about their personal character and think how it can benefit your company. Is the candidate a team player or do they want to work alone? Are they honest and do they have similar values to yours?

Where to Search for Your Employees

You don’t have to limit your search by taking out adverts in local papers. Use as many resources as possible. Search on your social media profiles, use agencies and other job centres by calling the income support contact number to reach as many people as possible, you never know who you might find.