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One of questions that most business house have in their minds while hiring people is whether they should get a background check done on their prospective candidates before hiring them. Some feel it is a routine procedure and follow it while others stay away from it quite undermining its utility. Now we come to the big question why should you run a background check on a potential candidate before hiring him or her? To state facts around 80% of the business firms in the United States conduct background checks on their employees and these include checking their past employment, addresses, legal employability and their addresses. There are a lot of benefits that you can derive from such checks and here we shall touch upon some of them.


Prevent Adverse Selection               
Just because 80% of the companies are doing it, should you also do it? Yes is the answer, not for the sake of following the crowd but such checks protects you from adverse selection. The fact that majority of the companies are doing it also means that companies that are not performing such background checks are more likely to hire people who have adverse records. Candidates who tend to withhold their background information are more likely to apply to companies that don’t carry out any background checks. This reduces your chances of hiring employees with good skills who have a clean background both in terms of their employment and also social backgrounds.

You can access all the information about the candidates sitting in the comfort of your home using a reputed SSN verification website such as the This website allows you to verify all the information that is required to perform a thorough background check on the person. You can verify the records of a large number of candidates on this site in a short period of time.

Know If They Are Employable          
United States being one of the largest economies in the world attracts hundreds of thousands of people each year. There are many who enter the country illegally or overstay long after their visa has expired. This creates an issue where many such people land up in jobs and the employer find this out only when the law enforcement agencies come knocking their door. To prevent such situations it is important that as an employer you know the antecedents of the people you are hiring for the job.

What Will You Know From A Background Check?
Now you know the importance of running a background check while hiring you might be wondering what you can get to know from such a check. A background check shall reveal if the person has mentioned truth in the job application. You know the importance of verifying details such as the date of birth of the candidate, educational qualifications. The check will also reveal if the person has any criminal records in the past which is a must check before you offer a job to an individual. DUI, Drug abuse, sexual abuse and the list goes on. You can have firsthand information on the person applying for the job when you conduct a background check.

How Do You Check an Employee’s Background?
The best way to run a background check on an employee is using their Social Security Numbers. There are two major advantages of doing so. First, this allows you to verify it all the information offered by the person while applying for the job is true and the second reason is to carry out a comprehensive check on the criminal background of the person through detailed searches.