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Whether your dog is an adorable puppy or an adult adoptee, you’ll find that obedience is one of the most important things that you need to foster in it. An obedient dog is a good companion, and moreover, it a dog that is safe. Disobedient dogs can hurt themselves and others, and in very severe cases, they may create a situation where they need to be put down. If you want to make sure that your dog is obedient, there are a number of things to keep in mind.

Obedience Training

Obedience training may be something that you undertake on your own, or you may find that you would rather take a class on the topic with your dog. Not only does obedience training allow you to teach your dog to follow basic commands, you will also find that it is a good choice when you want to reinforce your control over your dog. Obedience training should be a regular part of your dog’s life. It reminds the dog to obey you, and it also allows you to spend more time working with your pet.

Eat First

Dogs are descended from wolves, and wolves are very keyed towards cues that tell them who is in charge. In wolf packs, the pack leaders always eat first. Because of this, never allow your dog to eat before you do. Whenever you fill your dog’s bowl, always allow your dog to see you eating something. This cues your dog towards understanding that you are the leader. Even a few bites of something is enough. Make sure that anyone who feeds your dog is aware of this.


If your dog is doing something undesirable, make sure that you scold it. If you catch a dog doing something that it should not, say “no” in a very loud and clear voice. Mother dogs discipline their puppies by barking loudly, startling them. You can do the same thing. However, this only works if you caught your dog in the act. If you find evidence of wrong-doing, but the dog is not actively doing it, it will not connect the scolding with the act. Be sure that you only punish your dog for things that it has done.

Adequate Exercise

One reason why dogs might become destructive and disobedient is because of high amounts of adrenaline. Dogs, just like people, produce adrenaline that needs to be burned off. If your dog is having issues with listening and obeying, consider taking it out for more exercise. A quick walk in the morning might not be enough, especially if the dog is young. If your dog is having issues with obedience, there are many things that you can do to deal with it. Consider what techniques you can try and how you can make sure that your dog listens to you!

Peter Wendt is a writer and researcher living in Austin, TX. His own dogs were trained with the help of Sit Means Sit Dog Training Austin.