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Join the many people who have visited this amazing wonderland of sweeping palms where Disneyland fairytales come true. With hundreds of miles of beautiful beaches, you will find something for all the family along with a spot of shopping, delicious food and views. Oh and pull out your all time fabulous flip flops, as you will be needing them all day long in the amazing tropical sun.

Home comforts are a must
Whether you’re a self catering guru or prefer all inclusive hotels – there will be a place that is perfect for you. Florida has fabulous holidays with any accommodation situated where you want it, so if you are planning on spending most your time shopping, lapping up Disney land and getting in with the local activities, you can get a hotel right next door or if you would prefer something out of mainland along the coast then you shall have it provided a home from home experience for all.

Fun for all things to do:
Whilst holidaying in Florida, you want to ensure everyone has a great time and this will be the perfect break for everyone who likes to do different things. The theme parks in Florida are just one of the many amazing things to do for your family.

With being the fishing capital of the world, the major sporting activities on Florida Holidays are of course fishing and diving, along with tennis and golf.

For the thrill seekers out there, why not surf the coast or grab some wind surfing lessons or go the whole hog and jump on a jet ski! If something a little calmer is more your style you can still ride the waves or streams shall we say by renting a canoe and paddle through some fabulous scenic trails. There are also many hiking opportunities where you can visit some beautiful wildlife and picturesque surroundings. Along the coast you could try and spot some of the 400 species of birds we have in the area.

Food Please:
Florida has every right to be proud of their fabulous burgers, but make sure you don’t miss out on the wide range of gorgeous juicy tropical fruit!  After all Florida has a semi-tropical climate, and mangos, oranges, melons and passion fruit are all grown locally, and can be found in the local malls and markets.

If you are looking for places to eat then you can pretty much get anything you fancy in Florida. This state loves and is renowned for their seafood, like king prawns, crab claws or maybe an alligator tail tickles your fancy!

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