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As a late autumn child, I was sometimes jealous of the kids who had their birthdays in the summertime. They got to have barbeque parties with water balloon flights and celebrate at the beach or the swimming pool. By the time my birthday rolled around it was too cold for such festivities so my parties were always indoors and the activities that I could do were limited.

If you have a child who was born in the winter, their party doesn’t have to be boring! Autumn and winter kids deserve to have fun birthdays too and there are lots of enjoyable things that you can do even it if isn’t sunny and bright outside.

Here are a few great ideas for a cool weather birthday party for your child:

  • Have an indoor picnic. If the weather is too cold and nasty to eat outside, clear away all of the furniture out of your dining room and spread the picnic blanket on the floor. Put lots of fun summer decorations and great music on. Encourage the guests to sit on the floor, serve lots of summery treats and imagine that you are outside.
  • Take advantage of fun winter activities. If it has snowed outside, perhaps you could go sledging or build a snowman. You could have a snowball fight in the back garden or make snow angels. You don’t have to hide from the outside world, make it a fun part of your child’s birthday.
  • Find an indoor venue. If you don’t want to have a dozen children crammed into your house on a rainy or snowy day, why not take them somewhere fun where they can blow off some steam? There are many great options, such as a bowling alley, ice skating rink, laser tag, game rooms, activity centres and much more. These places usually offer birthday party packages with group discounts. The added bonus is that you will not have to clean up afterwards.
  • Have a film screening in your own home. Rent a projector and use it to project the film across an entire wall in your living room. Make lots of popcorn and snacks and present an exciting new film that your birthday kid has been dying to see.

If you have a winter baby, there is no need for their birthday party to be boring. Make the best of the season and give your winter child a birthday that they will love.

If your child was born in the winter, here are some fun ideas for hosting a great party even if the weather is miserable. Check out for all of the party supplies you will need.