How To Make My Business More Energy Efficient?

How To Make My Business More Energy Efficient?

Everyone is trying to make their homes more energy efficient through many techniques, whether it is through recycling or switching off lights when they are not needed. So why not implement this into your business as well? Not only will you be making the world a better place to live but you will also be saving yourself some money in the meantime as well! There are many cheap and easy tips which you can follow to make your work place more energy efficient and here are some which you can do right away.

Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

By simply switching all the light bulbs in your work place to energy efficient light bulbs can make a major difference. Not only do energy efficient light bulbs have a much longer life span but changing them you will see a significant drop in your energy bills by up 10%.

Switch Off Lights

This is something that can be simply done all the time! This is something that we should actually already be doing! You can save lots of money on energy bills by switching lights when they are not in use. Even if it is simply for a few minutes at a time, this will all add up throughout the year. If you are looking for a more permanent change in your business and investing some time and money into making a difference then you can get sensored lights installed into your business. These lights will only come on when they detect movement. If there is no movement then the lights will stay off. This is a good way to save energy by having them put in public toilets.

Switch Off Appliances

It is so easy to forget to switch off appliances at the end of the day and so many of us are guilty of it! Before clocking off at the end of a long day at work, just simply ensure that your computer is switched off by the switch. Not only will this save energy but it will reduce the risk of a fire starting! You should also be checking that appliances in the staff room/kitchen are switched off overnight to reduce the risk of a fire and to save energy. You would not believe it but by simply turning a computer off by the switch over night can save enough energy to toast up to 20 slices of bread!

Low Flush Toilet

In a business getting a low flush toilet is an extremely good idea. A typical toilet uses between 13 litres and 27 litres each flush; however a low flush toilet uses less than 6 litres! That is a major difference! With people at work all day using the toilet it is a wise idea to get a low flush toilet. They work by simply getting a sewer dosing unit installed, this is a powerful pump fitted in the sewer system which allows waste to be carried further using less water!

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