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Have you ever been to a wedding and heard a quarrel over seat number or table place, witness a squabbling between brides divorced parents, saw the table where nobody is talking because they haven’t spoken in years or observe couples screaming at their children because there are nervous not having little adult time? Organizing a wedding is very complex and one should look into every detail, pay special attention to every guest, and do the small gestures to make everybody feel important, satisfied and comfy. It’s a final task on your to do list and don’t allow yourself to be the last thing you do or you’ll be caught in trap.

Either you choose a big or intimate wedding, surely there is a difference in number: it is much easier to organize a seating for 50 guests than for 100. Why? People like to know where they sit, and knowing that it means that you spend some time thinking about their needs and pleasantness. It is not impossible since I attended one with the perfect wedding venue in Sydney that made it much easier to organize reception seating.

What is the best way to make a seating reception? There are some unwritten rules that help you organize your wedding guests.
Start the organization on time

Last-minute changes happen all the time, but don’t allow it to be this one. There are specific things you should be doing on your wedding day and not making your seating list. First, you can’t make it in one day, it’s a complicated work. Make sure you make it at least week before the wedding that way you’ll be focused and relaxed.
Make a spreadsheet or paper trail

Organize, organize, and organize! The easiest way is to crate a spreadsheet or paper trail. Spreadsheet can help you categorize your guests by relationship and this list will help making more logical table. If you are more drawing type, draw circles and write names inside them. You can also go for a post-it and place it in circles accordingly.
Place the head table properly

Bride and the groom usually sit in the middle of a long and straight table, which is a traditional table, placed along a wall, the maid of honor next to a groom while the best man sits next to the bride. On the other hand, all the bridesmaids can sit on the bride’s side. The best way is to place them at round table or two and to have the head table just for you. Another option is to have your parents sit with you and make that a head table. If your parents are divorced, you might want to let them host their own tables with their friends. Parent-seating question is the easiest one!
Tension between guests

Pay attention to those who might not want to sit next to each other for any reason ’cause you would want to keep them as far from each other as possible. Think about this very carefully or you’ll witness a catfight or even worse and you don’t want that.
Matchmaking at wedding

If you and your beloved went to a college together you should place your friends at the same table, if you didn’t, this is a great opportunity to play a matchmaker. Think about it this way, your wedding will be more than just an ordinary one if some of your friend who doesn’t know each other fall in love, and then you can be a cupid for one day! There’s another role for you!

As mentioned above, wedding organization is complex but with the right tricks one can make it very easy.