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A lot of the touch ups that your car needs are actually very simple to do. Learning how to do them yourself instead of taking your car into an auto body shop will save you time and money. Let’s take a look!

Repair Paint Chips

This is a necessary fix, as ignoring the chips and dings in your car’s paint will quickly cause the area to rust, leading to greater problems. Repairing paint chips is an easy fix as long as you can find the right paint. To repair chips, first clean the area with a terry cloth. If the chipped area is rough, smooth it down with sandpaper and clean it again before applying the paint. Wearing latex gloves to protect yourself, apply a small amount of paint to the chipped area. Allow 24 hours for the paint to dry. Once the area is dry, smooth it down with sandpaper if necessary.

Replace Wiper Blades

Replacing your blades is also very easy to do as it can be done in only a few steps. To unclip the old blade, place downward pressure on the top part of the blade until it comes loose. Before putting the new blades in place, make sure they’re the right size. When you’re sure they will fit correctly, slide the new blades into the clips and apply pressure until you hear that they have clicked into place. Test the wipers before driving to make sure you’ve clipped them in tightly enough.

Wax Your Car

Finally, waxing your car is something you can easily do yourself. Before starting, make sure you’ve parked your car in a cool area. Parking in the shade is important especially if you’re waxing your car in the summer months – you don’t want the wax to bake onto your car! Before you begin waxing, make sure your car is clean. Once your car is clean of any dirt, dip your wax sponge into your wax. Using about two tablespoons, rub the wax in small circular motions on your car. Work on small sections of your car at a time. Once you’ve waxed your entire car, you will want to remove the wax with a cloth in the same path that you applied it. Start with these three repairs, and soon you’ll be well on your way to becoming a DIY handyman or handywoman. Restoring headlights, changing a flat tire and removing the tint from your windows are also easy at home repairs that you can try. Have fun!

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