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How to Overcome Shyness
To be shy means that you have difficulty adjusting to new social situations. Several people face this issue every day, and are forever searching for a way out of this constant dilemma. Although the fact remains that shyness is a sort of detachment from communication, it can be fixed. Anybody willing to do so can overcome shyness, and here are a few ways that have worked with my friends and family. Each of these is healthy, safe & sensitive!
1. Why Do You Feel Shy?
A good starting point is to retrace the steps of how and when the issue became a problem. Basically, the goal here is to go back to the beginning. Did something happen that impaired your social skills? Sometimes, recognizing it may help you realize that there’s nothing to even worry about. On the other hand, it may be worth figuring out that you don’t NEED to work on your shyness. Perhaps you’ve ALWAYS been shy, and that’s just you. Don’t change because anyone else tells you that you need to.

2. Self-Confidence
Building your self-confidence is a great way to deal with shyness. Start off by hanging around friends and family who bring out the best in you. If your friends don’t build you up, they might not be worth hanging out with. Find friends who will go places with you, so that you can feel comfortable in new situations, having them around. Furthermore, start off your journey to extroversion by heading to places you know you’ll shine. If you’re into music, head to a concert, rather than a basketball game.

3. From the Outside In
Sometimes, in order to feel good, you need to look good. Take some effort to look your best. This way, everything about you will make you feel more confident – your body language, your hair, your outfit, your skin, etc. You may even need to put up a bit of a front, but as long as you’re being true to yourself, you’re good to go! So, smile and look others in the eye. For all they know, you’re the most confident person in the room.

4. Goals
Your goals do not need to be elaborate. They can be simple and quite easy to accomplish, actually. So, say you want to lose 20 pounds. Don’t make that your only goal. Your first goal should be to get to the gym today. Your next goal should be to go 3 more times this week. Then, try to lose 5 pound. The sense of accomplishment you’ll gain from these goals will then carry over into greater confidence to reach your ultimate goal, and the rest of your life, which will hopefully make you less shy overall!

In conclusion, building confidence is key to overcoming any obstacle and after that it, you’re golden! Just remember to be true to yourself, be patient & be your own friend. Never be too hard on yourself, it’s a journey!!
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