How To Perfect Your English Garden

The romance of a beautiful English garden has been around for centuries and deciding the perfect flowers to plant that will flourish in the unique climate can be difficult. It can however be achieved if it is done in stages.

These flowers are easy to grow and are perfect with a small amount of shade, but mostly sun. They need lots of moisture so they are ideal next to a stream if you have the luxury of one in your garden or in an area that can gather a lot of water in the wet weather.

Ajuga reptans
Bugleweed is a low-growing ground cover and it is covered in pretty blue flowers from late spring to early summer. It loves to be in the shade so it is perfect surrounding trees for a nice coverage of flowers.

A traditional English garden perennial, the little bell-shaped flowers bloom in early summer and there are many different types.

Violets are very sweet little plants that are definitely a must in every English garden.

All good borders start with a plan so when looking to add one always consider:
o    Where will it be viewed?
o    The shape of the border and overall shape of your garden
o    The size you want the border to be
o    Would you like an informal or formal design?
o    What colour scheme are you going for?

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For that lush English garden effect you must plant things closer together than normal as well as choosing a wide range of colours because the more you have the better. You can even include vines, bulbs and flowering shrubs.

Try to spread out the plants so you have something that is coming into bloom at all times rather than ending up with just a patch.

You should make sure to plant in a circle, and squares and triangles in different spots also create a much more natural look.

You can also add to your garden with a vegetable patch as home grown carrots or parsnips are great to have. When growing carrots the best results come from fine, crumbly soils that are fresh and do not have stones. Courgettes, marrows and pumpkins need lots of space to allow the stems to rampage over the soil, and onions and garlic are ingredients that we use on a weekly, if not daily basis. Choose a sunny spot with well-drained soil and make sure that you remove any perennial weed roots with a sprinkling of general plant food.

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