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Camping is the ideal holiday; it’s easy, cheap and best of all fun, that is unless parents are fretting about their beautiful tiny baby the entire time. Going away with a baby can be tricky, especially when some of the basic essentials such as electricity and heating are missing. Nevertheless couples shouldn’t let that stop them, camping is great fun for the whole family. Here are a few tips on how to plan a camping trip with a baby so that parents are stress-free on holiday and are able to sit back, relax and enjoy themselves.

Pack Plenty of Clothes
Parents should make sure they pack plenty of clothes; too much is better than too little. Camping can be messy at times and babies will probably need a couple of changes of clothing per day. From getting mud splattered across their cute, chubby little faces on site to getting sand in-between their teeny, tiny toes at the beach, parents will need to keep a change of clothes on hand.  If there’s a cold breeze or a stormy night, babies may also need to wear an extra layer. Keeping warm is essential so bring a hat, mittens, waterproofs and lots and lots of clothes.

Keep Warm in a Travel Cot
Bring a travel cot or Moses basket so that babies have a warm, cosy space to sleep in at night. Keeping babies huddled up tight in a Moses basket will help them to warm even if it’s windy outside. Parents should ensure they pack plenty of blankets as no matter what the weather man says will all that weather is unpredictable, especially whilst camping. If temperatures drop, be ready with the blankets. Babies are fragile little humans and it’s vital to keep them snug and warm. Mothers and Fathers should ensure they have a supply of blankets or baby sleeping bags to stop those adorable, little hands and feet getting cold.

Take disposable Items
Taking disposable items is a great idea. Unless campers are setting up tent beside a river, it’s not likely there’s going to be too much water around to wash things. Sure there may be the campsite bathrooms, but it’s a lot less hassle simply to take a load of disposable items. If parents use a cloth nappy normally, perhaps use disposable nappies whilst camping as there’s guaranteed to be bins around but maybe not water. Disposable bibs are also a good idea at it saves having to find a place to clean off the old ones. If families are planning a lot of hiking whilst camping, disposable bibs will also prevent parents getting their bags all messy.

Bring lots of food
Parents should make sure their pack lots of baby food prior to their trip as there may not be that many shops situated around the campsite. Those camping in remote areas should definitely ensure they have at least a week’s worth of food. There would be nothing worse than listening to babies crying with hunger the entire time. It is advisable to bring tinned baby food and cartoon milk (for women who are not breast-feeding) to save parents having to sterilise food. It’ll save a lot of time and energy, and is more safe and secure.

Protect from heat
Families who are camping in hot climates should check they have the sufficient items needed to protect babies from the heat. Bringing sun-cream, a sun-hat and shades is essential. Keeping babies feeling comfortable and protected is a must whilst on holiday. Purchasing a parasol that can be attached to prams will also help keep babies well shaded from the sun. For those camping abroad, putting a mosquito net around cribs at night is likewise a good idea as it’ll keep babies protected and stop those nasty bites.

These five basic but necessary tips will help parents pack appropriately. From keeping babies warm at night to packing tinned baby food, following these tips will ensure that families have everything needed when camping with a baby. Following these few simple guidelines will mean that parents can relax whilst camping and enjoy a great camping holiday. If you need a larger car, why not consider renting a car from Car Hire Direct, you need all the car room you can possibly get with a baby!

By Maria Hubbard.

Image Credits: treehouse1977 and kona99