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As with most people my age the pressures to look like the people in magazines is very strong. This led to many of my friends and I joining to the gym in order to get fitter and stronger a few years ago. But as time wore on I started to realise that the gym probably wasn’t the place for me. I mean c’mon seriously who wants to exercise in a loud, claustrophobic and smelly gym? Plus if you’re anything like me awkwardness and embarrassment lurk around every corner in a gym. Then an easy and much better alternative became apparent to me; why don’t I just exercise at home.

So here is my ode to working out at in the comfort of our own homes in preference to the gym.


One of the main drawbacks to working out at a gym is the cost. A membership at your local gym can set you back a fairly hefty sum every month (around £30 at my local gym) which makes a massive hole in our bank account.

However, by deciding to workout at home you cut out the middle man so to speak and therefore cut the costs. Instead of large regular costs to the gym, a one off sizeable payment will allow you to set up an effective gym in the comfort of your own home (or garage). For around three months of gym membership fees you can purchase the following:

–          A bench, barbell and 35kg for £50

–          15kg dumbbell set for £25

–          Extra weights or equipment is also available depending on your goals


The gym is probably the most potentially awkward and embarrassing place you are ever likely to find. Don’t believe me? Well what about the changing rooms? They are dirty, smelly and hot; plus they are full of naked men/women. If you work-out at home you can just pop into your bathroom and have a shower and then change in to clean clothes and voila you are clean.

Another great thing about working out at home is that you can work at your own pace, although this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t push yourself, because you don’t feel self-conscious. At the gym you will often find yourself working out next to some who is lifting multiple times what you are or running 5k more. This can get awkward and can make you attempt to push yourself further than is actually safe which can lead to injuries (and more embarrassment).


Unless you have a gym in your workplace getting to and from the gym as well as fitting it around your social life can be an inconvenience. But if you work out at home then exercising becomes the most convenient part of your life and it also means you spend less time finding excuses for not going to the gym because there are none. It is there before you go to work and there when you come back in later; it’s there to fit in before you go out for the evening or to fit in when you come back.

Josh Hansen writes for XXPress PCR an innovative biotechnology company based in the UK that specialises in fast PCR machines.