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Bathrooms have taken over as the most private areas of houses in which people are spending more time. They are no longer neglected rooms as they are getting to be admired by guests for their bright and spruced up appearance. However, you should plan to go notches higher with your bathroom décor by aiming for a spacious and royal look.

The spacious look

With floor space selling at a premium in urban centers, modern bathrooms have space restrictions and so by no means can they be termed as really large. However, there are décor ideas that can engineer a spacious look.

Choosing colors

The concept of less is more holds good while choosing shades for the walls of your bathroom. Opting for deep hues can be overpowering and lead to a cramped feel to the décor. It is better to contrast light colored walls with rich fabric shades of window curtains or bathtub ones, to reinforce the serene open feel.

Mirror effect

Mirrors are ideal to be used in bathrooms which are not as large as required. The use of full height, wall to wall mirrors can make the room look huge. They help to add depth and scatter light all over the place, making a room look brighter. Multiple visual effects can be produced through the use of mirrored tiles.

Opt for stainless steel

Stainless steel has made its presence felt in bathrooms through towel holding bars and bathrobe hooks or racks. The metal isn’t heavy and so lends a light feel to décor thereby empowering space within. It is becoming a hot trend in accessories such as vases, frames and wall art.

Saving space

Go in for a sliding bathroom door with reinforced stained glass panels. With the door sliding against the wall, more space is created. Bath and shower screens can also be of the sliding variety.

The royal look

A touch of luxury provides the royal look for bathrooms.

* Countertop basin with a glass top for the counter and a wall-mounted tap

* Wall-mounted vanity cabinet with metallic finish to store bath and beauty items

* Wall-mounted designer radiator in a dark rich color

* Double-ended bathtub with standalone taps

* Carpet placed at the side of the bathtub

*Heated towel railings to ensure warm and dry towels

*Designer toilet covers studded with crystals or in guitar or piano shapes

*Cushioned recliner for leisurely resting

*Single and small crystal chandelier positioned at the centre of the room

*Classy artifacts, vases, frames and curios placed in strategic corners

*Recessed wall light above the bathtub to provide a dim light at tub soaking relaxation time

*Bath and shower screen with frosted glass.

Bath mats and rugs

After the bath or shower, comfort bare feet on a bath mat that is thick, soft to the touch and easy to stand on. Carpeting or a rubberized fabric could fit the bill. They should come with rubber backing that will not slide about the floor. Round mats give an illusion of space in a square area.

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