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Whether or not you are interested in putting your home up for sale, having a home that is high in market value and style quotient has its own appeal and charm. Thus, if adding to the value of your home isn’t too taxing on the money front and can add to its beauty and your comfort, it is a matter worth looking into. The most remodeling and renovation hits this year have been on kitchen and bathroom looks. However, other aspects shouldn’t be neglected either.


Having a model kitchen of the deluxe range doesn’t mean it will add to your house’s market value. Instead, if you really want some changes for the good, try going for casement windows so that you have a cooler and airier kitchen. A good paint job can easily make your kitchen look modern and attractive.

If you want to invest serious cash and are interested in getting every nook and cranny looked into, a good countertop should be first priority. Counter space that is ample and provides a prep sink and draining outlet as well as places to keep hot utensils will raise efficiency levels. Granite countertops are receiving more favor though imitation marble can suffice. Keep in mind cabinet space so that you can store things with ease.

Energy saving lighting products can also help give your kitchen a touch of modernity while helping to bring down energy bills.

Bathroom savvy

A walk in shower enclosure may not suit your bathroom if it is built on a small scale. Instead, a showerhead installed over a bath will elegantly fit the bill. Bath screens can save the floor from water splashing and present a modern looking bathroom. If you want to invest in new faucets, then the wall mounted range is the new rage thanks to the neatness of its finish. Mounted taps and counter top basins too are the picks of this year.

Awning windows can help liven up your bathroom and make your tub experience less steamy. You needn’t go to the extent of renovating your bathroom if you want it to look good as the modern bathroom themes rely heavily on color and accessories. Go for the right picks and come up with a winner.

Yard yardsticks

Landscaping is now a must as your home isn’t merely judged from the inside but from every shrub and pebble in its yard. A minimal but professional landscaping job can improve your home’s value. If you have the space, keep a deck area; an elevated space can be converted to a terrace. Outdoor spaces are increasingly popular and so help in increasing home value.

Even if it is just a porch area, a good paint job and the right patio or rustic touched furniture can change its look completely. Garden parties and barbecues are a trend and so most people look for relaxing spaces where they can usher in their guests for an after dinner chat or while away time with a few drinks.

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