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The last year of University is a daunting one whether you’re in the field of science or marketing, either way it all comes down to how you perform in this final year. Many people opt to take a placement before their final year; this is just as much of a learning experience as the course itself. Through placement you will learn an assortment of skills such as organisation, work ethic and what it’s like to be in a real work place.

How To Prepare For Your Last Year Of University

Find a Placement

After the placement candidates come back much more mature and ready to study, as oppose to those who have walked straight into their last year from the second. In fact it is known for those who have placement years to get much better results because they are familiar with working hard. Another reason a placement is a good move is the fact it helps you with your dissertation, you can learn a lot and apply it and take primary first class industry knowledge straight to your work.

Be Proactive

Before your final year it is important to brush up on your course so I would advise looking through your second year notes. The second year notes will get you familiar with everything you previously learnt and get you back in the swing of studying. You could also look on your workspace to see if fourth year modules are ready to visit, you can then purchase the necessary books and have a thorough look at what you need to learn.

Learn from those Who have Done it Before

Many students actually meet up with fourth years and they will help your go through each module and let you know what to expect. If you are finding fourth year too much pressure then you should have a chat with your seminar tutor they can offer advice and reassurance.

Get Organised

In your fourth year you need to get organised and that doesn’t mean just bringing a paper and pen to the lecture, this isn’t first year anymore, you can’t be walking into a lecture still feeling the night before. Everything you are there for boils down to this year so you should make a record of all lectures and seminars and make a colour coded timetable then print off all the notes necessary.

Fourth year can be more difficult than it should be, it all depends what you make of your final chance. Yes, it is going to be an arduous year but don’t forget to stay social as it will keep you sane, by being proactive and reactive to certain situations you can ensure you succeed.

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