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All hunters eventually deal with rust on their shotgun, even with regular care. No matter what type of shotgun you use, whether it’s a Saiga, a Winchester or a Remington, regular cleaning and maintenance is the best way to keep your shotgun from rusting. Rust is probably the biggest issue hunters face as their guns are regularly exposed to elements that cause malfunctions and excessive wear.
Removing rust from your shotgun and keeping it in good working order is relatively easy, although you need a light touch to avoid harming the finish. This is the easiest thing you can do to maintain your shotgun’s integrity and ensure you have a safe firearm when you go out in the field.

What you need:

  • Bronze brush
  • Fine 000 steel wool
  • Gun oil (Hoppes) or light 3-in-1 oil
  • Birchwood Casey touch-up bluing
  • Shop towels
  • cotton balls

1. If you’re dealing with light rust and you’re worried about damaging the bluing, start with the bronze brush or the 000 steel wool and use them without oil to very lightly remove the rust.
2. Now, carefully apply 3-in-1 oil or Hoppes to the remaining surface rust and use the 000 steel wool or bronze brush in a gentle circular motion. Never use wire brushes, sandpaper or anything abrasive on your shotgun!
3. As you work, make sure there’s enough oil on the surface to keep the steel wool or brush from damaging the bluing. Maintain very gentle pressure until the surface rust starts to lift away.
4. Use shop towels to remove the rusty oil as you go and keep checking to see if there’s more rust on the surface.
5. Once you remove the surface rust, look for damaged spots or scratches in the blued steel. You can use paste or liquid touch-up bluing from Birchwood-Casey to fix these small areas. Apply the touch-up in a very thin layer with a cotton ball and wait for the paste or liquid to become hazy.
6. Next, wipe off the touch-up and apply a tiny amount of oil.
To keep rust at bay in the future, remember to apply a very light coating of regular gun oil with a towel to your firearm on a regular basis. This will offer some protection to areas that are prone to rusting. Keep in mind areas that have rusted once will always be the first to rust again in the future. Always inspect your shotgun after you’ve been out in the field to look for issues and be proactive. Storing your shotgun somewhere dry and cool can also reduce the chances of rust later on.

Legion Usa, Inc is an importer of AK-based Saiga shotguns and rifles produced at the Izhmash factory in Russia. Along with firearms, Legion USA, Inc carries authentic Russian Saiga accessories and parts. While Legion is headquartered in Izhevsk, Russia, the American division is based in Hallandale Beach, Florida.